Advantages of Sandstone

Chiefly composed of tiny-size rock grains and minerals, natural sandstone is fundamentally a sedimentary rock. The Earth’s crust holds feldspar and quartz as the most common minerals; hence these two are the main components of sandstone. Due to varying amount of impurities, sandstone occurs in a bevy of colors. However, the most common shades of […]

Choosing the Right Stone for Paving

Natural stone is a great natural stone paver for paving. If wisely chosen, it can boost the aesthetics of your garden, front lawn or backyard that is seemingly not possible with any other material. You can consider several points that can help you to choose the one that suits you the best: 1). Style: The […]

Removing Stains from the Limestone Surface

These days, polished or honed limestone is regarded as a prominent construction material and has been known to be used for the same purpose since ages. Numerous prominent structures across the globe are partially or wholly made out of limestone. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Megalithic Temples of Malta and Lincoln Memorial are to name […]

Applications of Wall Cladding

Wall cladding has now become fairly popular both in residential and commercial projects. Apart from protecting the walls, cladding also boosts the décor of any interior or exterior space. A number of materials, including tiles and natural stones, are extensively used to serve the purpose all over the world. Available in an array of designs, […]

Raja Red Slate: The Multi-Color Miracle

Slate is basically a foliated metamorphic rock, which is formed out of volcanic lava that has settled above clay deposits. Further heating and drying of the latter lead to its formation. It is a good conductor of heat and bears natural anti-skid properties. Besides, slate is also easy to clean and has low water absorbing […]

Cleaning the Marble Floor

Marble in itself is one of the most elegant natural stones and when used in interior or exterior architecture, it beautifully boosts the décor of any space. Marble stones are generally used for flooring and are a great option to adorn the ground surface in the most graceful manner. Indian marble stones are globally acclaimed […]

Cleaning the Slate Floor

Slate floors are undoubtedly amazing and are a treat to eyes. Regular maintenance and care are required to preserve its captivating looks as slate is a highly porous natural stone and attracts stains easily. In comparison to other natural stones like granite and marble, slate is relatively delicate and more susceptible to damage from hard […]