Polishing Marble like a Pro

In comparison to other natural stones, marble is quite durable, but at the same time, it is soft and porous enough to get easily stained. It is therefore recommended that marble should be polished monthly or weekly depending on the usage of the marble installation. Just after cleaning, polishing removes any residual material and restores […]

Application of Marble Slab

Using marble slabs is a long-established practice and it is known to be used for construction and architectural designing purposes since ages. Numerous places, monuments, historical edifices completely or partially built with marble in different parts of the world manifest the timeless popularity of marble. Even today, it is one the most popular natural stones […]

Why it is not Always Good to Seal Limestone

Basically a sedimentary rock, limestone is a prominent construction and architectural designing material. Like other natural stones, limestone is porous and in fact highly impervious when compared to other dimension stones. To make it non-porous, a sealer is required. Limestone sealers are usually promoted in the market as something that prevents the entry of oil, […]

Restoring a Marble Vanity Top

A countertop is one of the most common applications of marble, which in itself is an extremely popular construction and architectural designing material all over the world. India is a leading producer and global supplier of marble. A number of marble manufacturers and exporters from India process and supply a range of marble vanity tops and […]