Reasons why Indian marble ensures envy-evoking perfection over any other stone

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White Indian marble
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Texture, strength, and durability are the three big factors that make Indian marble first choice of all. Indian marble suppliers offer a wide variety of quality (level 1-2-3) in all marble slabs, tiles, and countertops for all sorts of residential and commercial purposes. Some buyers prefer to check features of marble being well-polished, crack-resistant, heat resistant, glossy, and shiny white marblelook. Taj Mahal in Agra is the biggest example of marble perfection and beauty. The monument is still standing high and lively even after more than 500 years. With the content, readers would know more about why Indian marble has an edge over any other stone, what color impurities give to marble, and what colors are available in India for global buyers. 

Redefining lifestyle with candid features of Indian marble

white marble countertop

When you look at the grandiosity of Indian architecture that reflects extravagant opulence in the history as well as contemporary times, you find marble as the main construction and décor material that redefines lifestyle in a perfect manner. Indian marble flooring at White-Marble-Tilesroyal palaces and historical buildings need no introduction. For many decades, attractive Indian marble floorings have been stealing the hearts of the beholders with added beauty and glory. Following are some features showing why Indian marble is still a winner in the race of the best natural stone products. These include:

  • Marble ages beautifully with time-to-time care and maintenance.
  • Strong and durable marble is great for flooring option.
  • Awesome finishes with or without veins and variations of mineral impurities.
  • A better option over other materials in terms of durability, texture, & luxury
  • Little to no impurities for having elegance and chastity to all living spaces

Marble impurities giving birth to a unique marble color

The procedure of metamorphism of carbonate minerals helps in the formation of marble. Actually, metamorphism is the variation of geologic texture in pre-existing rocks. There are lots of factors that control the degree of metamorphism. It is heat, pressure, time, and impurities that control metamorphism and coloration in marble rocks. Following are some of the unique marble colors occurred due to various impurities in marble.

  • Iron oxide deposits – Yellow and brown color
  • Iron and feldspar deposits – Pink and red color
  • Serpentine deposits – Green hue
  • Porphyry deposits – Violet color
  • Varied mineral deposits – Gold, pink, and blue color
indian marble

In India, lots of marble stone suppliers that offer a big variety of marble products in various rare and popular colors. If you are planning to get black, white, green, brown, pink and golden hues with veins, patterns, and lines on the surface, Indian marble can give you a reason to fulfill your needs in an effective manner.

Indian marble colors from marble suppliers in India

Without a doubt, India is a hub of marble products. From north to south, India has Rajasthan, Chennai, and Bangalore as prime destinations for quarrying and processing of marble blocks, slabs, tiles, countertops and vanitytops in different sizes and designs. Although there is a long list of marble colors available in India, yet there are some popular and selective colors that are sold like hot cakes. Professional marble suppliers in India deal in the selling and supplying of the mentioned-below marble products at a large scale. These include:

  • Albeta white marble – Milky white stone with a brown textured surface.
  • Black marine marble – Deep black and white veins over the surface.
  • Forest green marble – An impression of a dense teak forest on the surface.
  • Pink marble – Grey stripes and swirls on a pink surface.
  • Rainforest brown marble – Veins of white and deep brown hues over the surface.
  • Rainforest golden marble – Golden shades over base with dark brown veins.

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