Marble Countertops: A plethora of colorful surfaces for an incredible kitchen

A countertop is known by different names, like counter top, counter, benchtop, kitchen bench, and worktop. Basically, it is North American term that stands for a flat surface to work on. British term for countertop is worktop. Australian term for countertop is kitchen bench. When it comes to the actual identity of countertop, it is simply a horizontal work surface in your baths, kitchens, and workrooms in domestic and commercial spaces. There are lots of natural stone countertops like marble, slate, granite, quartzite, and limestone available in the competitive market. When you think of top and highly functional stone countertops, marble countertops induce a big difference. Marble kitchen countertops come in a variety and colors as per aspects of culture, comfort level, and overall beauty of an incredible kitchen ambiance.


Marble Kitchen countertop


Stone countertops variety in multiple hues for marble products

The most common question that every homeowner asks about a modern kitchen design is: Should I use marble in the kitchen? People generally run out with such a silly question when they are aware of the pros of marble products. When you opt for honed or well-polished marble countertops, you get a reason to flaunt your kitchen style in a perfect manner. When you visit a marble product supplier directly or virtually, you get a big chance to pick from a wide assortment of incredible, colorful marble gangsaw and cutter slabs. Following are some of the top most products available in the competitive market. These include:


Marble color varieties

• White marble countertops
• Fantasy brown countertop
• Rainforest marble countertops
• Green marble countertops
• Pink marble countertop
• Brown marble countertops

Primarily, these stones are known for a flawless beauty, warmth, and character. But other factors also matter the most in making this stone first choice of all. Natural durability of the stone over man-made engineered stone products makes it highly popular among end users. In addition, it is the price and overall appeal of the stone that declares the stone a front-runner.


Bruno White Marble


Pick the best color combination for kitchen remodeling

Colors have an innate ability to warm and lighten up every space whether it is big or small. A right color can make your smaller space look bigger and brighter. In the same manner, a brightening hue can fill a dull looking space with light and softness. That is why it is vital to pick the right color of marble countertop before emphasizing a kitchen remodeling plan. Following is in an interesting combination of colors of marble made countertops and ambiance of kitchen walls, cabinets, and floors.


Rainforest Green Marble


Kitchen surrounding hues Right countertop hues
Soft mocha brown, warm peach, yellow-gold, taupe or soft gray Tan marble
Light gray, soft taupe, antique white, pale yellow, sand, and caramel Black and gray marble
White, tan, terracotta, light gray, soft gray-green, yellow-gold, Wedgewood blue, champagne or taupe Dark brown marble
Black, charcoal, and off-white Green marble


Green Onyx Marble


What your certified marble supplier has for your modern kitchen?

It is said that marble countertops are porous and can stain easily. They are prone to be scratched, etched, and chipped owing to its soft nature. Moreover, they are expensive than other material types, including tile, wood, or laminate. If you think the same, probably you are not aware of modern countertop products. Using quality sealers, regular maintenance and proper installation ensure your kitchen countertops made of marble are going to serve for many years to come. Remember that scratching and itching issues are common with all natural stone products. Whether you choose marble tiles or honed marble slab countertops, a leading Indian marble exporter for kitchens can supply kitchen top stone in the following customized and standard dimensions.


Green Marble quality check in factory


• Edge finish: Machine cut edges
• Finish: Polished, honed, leather finish, tumbled, sandblasted, antique (sandblasted + brushed), bush hammered, bush hammered + brushed, and lepatora
• Size: 240 x 120 cm up in 2 & 3 cm for gangsaw and cutter slab; 30 x 30; 60 x 30; 60 x 60 with 1 cm thickness for tiles; and customized sizes for countertops and vanitytops

To sum up, this content defines some exclusive colors for countertops you can use to redefine your kitchen remodeling projects. For product information or sales inquiry on marble color, price and product, have a look at our product gallery or demand an instant quote with the form here.


Rainforest Green Marble in Kitchen


With certified limestone exporter, supplier, and manufacturer Regatta Universal Exports, you can explore stylish, colorful, and modern marble products for kitchen remodeling.