Lime black and himachal white 23x23mmLime black and himachal white 23x23mm

Marble Mosaic Tile (South Indian) — All you need to know about

South Indian Mosaic tiles pattern incorporates small sized natural stones found in a variety of shapes and colors. South Indian Marble Mosaic tile patterns are cost-effective stone articles that serve as a better anti-slip surface and last for along.

The mosaic pattern is being increasingly used in temples and churches as the stone article rightly depict religious messages in the art form. These are not only attractive but also provide a long service life asking for minimum maintenance through the service life.

Excellent border designs can be crafted from Mosaic stones to add an elegant look to the home or office interiors. People prefer to line their kitchen slabs and walls with south Indian Mosaics tiles to prevent accidental spills, dust, and dirt from the bay. Mosaic draws a uniform and smooth finish to the surface. Thus, it gets easily cleaned and maintained.

Regatta Universal Exports is one of the exporters and suppliers of south Indian Mosaic tiles in India that has acquired a brand reputation by delivering premium quality stone articles at competitive prices. The tiny stones used to arrange the mosaic floor can also be framed to form mosaic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, and flies. Further, an architect can also frame definite themes such as floral designs, orchid patterns, and garden.

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