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Natural stone wall strips tiles — An introduction

Regatta Universal Exports, a leading manufacturer and exporter of natural stone wall strips, offers a wide range of wall strips in different finishes, sizes, and thickness that can be also customized as per the requirement. Natural stones that are used in creating wall strips are sandstone and slate.
Wall strips are primarily used for interior and exterior wall cladding, and cover the base structural material. These days, wall strips are not just used as a decorative material, but also protects the underlying structural material from seepage and microbial growth.
On the exterior side of a property, wall strips are used to cover its outer surface to enhance its looks. These also help in preventing walls from harsh weather conditions and exposure to the sun as well as dust and pollution. Indoors, wall strips are used to cover walls in kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Both exterior and interior wall strips serve as a buffer for sound and contribute to keeping the temperature uniform inside a building.

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