Regatta Universal Exports

Regatta Universal Exports is one of the leading global exporters and suppliers of Indian stones, such as granite, marble, sandstone, state, quartzite, limestone and stones articles. Being an exporter of Indian stones, we are supplying products like countertops, tiles, gangsaw slabs, cutter slabs along with different stone articles & monuments to customers based in USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and many other countries around the globe.

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The Widest of Varieties

With its comprehensive range of natural stones in an array of eye-pleasing shades, we offer you a variety of products in different shapes, dimensions and finishes that are hard to find anywhere else.

An Optimum Mix of Price, Service & Quality

Highly competitive prices, impeccable service and international-quality products are simultaneously offered by Regatta; thus ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on anything.

Prowess in Customized Projects

Weather it is about desired sizes, finishes or edges; Regatta Universal Exports has a rich experience & expertise in delivering natural stone products to various projects across the globe as per customer’s requirements & specifications.

Your Reliable Source of Indian Natural Stone

What Clients Say

“We received your container with a slate Silver Grey & Himachal White 300x600x12 mm. Indian slates are of very high quality - sizes and calibration and color and packing!"

Customer From Russia

“For several years, we work together with Regatta Exports. We are very content because they always answer patient our daily e-mail inquiries. We can ask them so many things and always get the quick and friendly answer and help. We know that they have fair prices and short delivery times and best quality for all sandstones we ever ordered.”

Customer From Germany

“We already work +15 years with the company Regatta. Following our experience with this company, we can say that they’re a correct company. We always receive good quality material and the service is excellent. Regatta is always looking to expand their range of natural stones and finishings. The delivery time of the orders is always respected. For our company, it is very important that we can rely on an efficient company as Regatta Exports.”

Customer From Belgium

“Sundeep, you make working with Regatta Exports easy. We are always happy with the response time in which our orders are filled and by large the way how our account is handled by your team members. Regatta has set a benchmark when it comes to customer support which other suppliers could follow”.

Customer From Jamaica

“It is rare to find a company in India that understands the quality requirements of United States customers, and also, a company that provides clear and detailed communication at every step of the supply process. We have been working with Regatta for over ten years and count them as one of our most valued suppliers.”

Customer From USA

"Regatta is regarded by us as a dependable, professional supplier in an industry that is notorious for "fly by night" opportunists. Natural stone is a product that has a dimension."

Customer From South Africa

“We’re working with Regatta Universal Exports and Regatta Stone exports since 2007 and we are more than satisfied with their service in terms of communications, customer care, follow-up, problem-solving and claim settlement as well as shipment performance. They are available to deal with prices quoted and often make the best effort to match customers requirements. They’re a reliable partner to deal with.”

Customer From Italy

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What are Natural Stones

Naturally occurring as a solid aggregate of one or more mineraloids or minerals, natural stone is found in the form of sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic rock. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, it is universally accepted as a wonderful material for architecture and design.

Applications and Properties of Natural Stones
Granite is widely recognised as a prominent construction and decorative material all over the world. The distinguishing properties of stones like hardness, thermal capacity and acid resistance makes it perfect for construction purposes. Simultaneously, its occurrence in different textures and colours that are further upgraded by various processing methods is responsible of its artistic applications, including creation of statues, decorative pieces/stones, artefacts and idols.

Indian Natural Stone Manufacturers
Its extensive use in our daily lives has led to the evolution of natural stone manufacturing as a specialised industry. In the present times, various stone manufacturers around the world are involved in the extraction and processing of natural stones, so as to transform it into a usable form and also to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

In the context of India, natural stone manufacturers deal in a broad gamut of stones, including slate, granite, limestone and marble. Natural stone factories in India are engaged in the production of flooring slabs, blocks, structural slabs, tiles, sculptures and landscape garden stones that are in great demand in the West. Counted as one of the world’s largest producers of dimension stones, India has now become a major exporter of a variety of stone products.

A number of natural stone exporters in India are globally acclaimed for offering premium products with utmost focus on quality, finish and customer satisfaction. Regatta Universal Exports (RUE) is one such name that needs no introduction in the Indian natural stone manufacturing sector. Extensively engaged in the manufacturing and export of high-grade natural stones, the 16-year-old RUE has set innumerable examples for other natural stone manufacturers in terms of quality, timely deliveries, after sales service and maintaining long-term relations with existing customers.

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