Q. Why do I buy stone from Regatta Universal Exports when there are lots of natural stone sellers around?

A. Regatta Universal Exports is an ISO and ETI-qualified natural stone company having an experience of more than 20 years in the field of natural stone manufacturing, export, and supply. We understand what a buyer wants when it searches for natural stone solutions online. The following are some points showing how we can give buyers a competitive edge.

  • Safe and secure online buying and selling procedure
  • Regular and effective client communication
  • Customer queries resolution by marketing experts
  • Customer-first approach with customer care service
  • A big client base in more than 60 countries around the world
  • Two stone processing units in North and South India
  • Quality products supplied direct from the manufacturer
  • A long list of accomplished construction projects
  • The total value of money with competitive prices
  • Hassle-free before and after-sales service
  • Timely delivery of securely-packed stone products

Q. What types of quality natural stones are offered by Regatta?

A. We primarily deal with the three types of natural stone quality. B2B buyers can opt for countertops, vanity tops, tiles, and slabs as per their changing business needs.

  • Commercial Quality – This quality of the natural stone is cheaper. It comes with some natural lines, cracks, and fissures that are a symbol of stone’s beauty.
  • Standard Quality – This quality of natural stone comes with a little variation that is not easy to see by eyes directly.
  • Premium (First Choice) Quality – This is a premium quality stone option with no lines or variation in the slabs. But this very expensive quality of slabs and its availability is very low. Regatta can supply this quality regularly at a good price.

Q. What are the common sizes of natural stone offered by Regatta?

A. We deal in all types of natural stone such as granite, marble, sandstone, slate, limestone, and quartzite. We can help B2B buyers get all sizes, big slabs, small slabs, and cut to size tiles. Buyers can choose any custom size and we will help them get the same size stone products.

  • Rough blocks – 300-320 x 130-165 x 160-205cm and weight 23-29 tons
  • Finished tiles – 30×60, 30×60, and 60×60 cm
  • Cutter slabs – 180×60 cm up in 2-3 cm
  • Gangsaw slabs – 260×160 cm up in 2-3 cm

Q. What are the different types of natural stone?

A. There are hundreds of different types of natural stone, but not all of them are suitable for construction purposes; probably due to varying levels of hardness, durability, and aesthetic characteristics. The natural stones that are widely popular across the world and so do we offer to include:

  • Marble blocks, slabs, tiles, countertops, and vanity tops
  • Sandstone blocks, tiles, slabs, cobblestones
  • Quartzite tiles
  • Limestone tiles
  • Slate tiles
  • Stone articles and monuments

Based on their appearance and properties, different stones are suitable for different construction projects that may vary from interior/exterior decoration to landscape designing. Their various applications may include flooring, paving, cladding, and roofing.

Q. Does Regatta Universal Exports have a CE certificate for its stone products?

A. Yes, in addition to several other certificates, Regatta Universal Exports holds CE Certificate.

Q. Is Indian sandstone frost resistant?

A. Not exactly all, but most Indian sandstone varieties are frost resistant.

Q. Can we combine stones from North India with stones from south India?

A. Practically this is not feasible, because of the huge distance between quarrying and processing centers of North and South India (2500 kilometers). The high transportation cost of granite might lead to an overall increase in the product cost. To avoid this, separate containers for North and South India granite variants are made.

Q. What is natural stone?

A. As the name suggests, natural stone occurs naturally on or beneath the earth’s surface. Its formation is a result of numerous geological changes that took place inside the earth’s crust for millions of years. Depending on these changes, a wide variety of colors and characteristics can be observed in different natural stones. On the basis of these changes, composition and characteristic colors and patterns; natural stones have been classified into various categories, such as

  • Granite – Quarried from South Indian granite quarries, granite is a colorful natural stone with features like durability and heat, scratch, and stain-resistant.
  • Marble – This natural stone type is relatively less hard than granite and is classified in the four groups: A, B, C, and D.
  • Limestone – This premier dimension stone comes with a very uniform texture and grade. It weathers naturally over time and is easy to cut in various shapes and sizes easily.
  • Sandstone – It is primarily composed of sand-size mineral or rock grains. It has a uniform texture and comes in basic colors like tan, brown, yellow, red, gray, and white. It is known for its low absorption rate, high solidity strength, and artistically attractive appearance.
  • Slate – It is a metamorphic rock that makes the stone solid, sturdy, acid-resistant, and non-absorptive. It comes in colors like black, gray, green, purple, and red. It is widely used for interior floor surfaces or exterior landscaping.
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