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Limestone from India is typically a sedimentary rock having skeletal fractions of marine creatures. It is impervious and hard with low water absorption capacity. The variation, texture, and intensity of the color depend on the types and proportion of impurities in the limestone. That is why limestone exporter and supplier make a big difference to the supply of natural stone to the world. Regatta Universal Exports, a leading certified limestone supplier, manufacturer and exporter, offers the most competitive limestone price in India. A recognized limestone supplier and manufacturer in India deals in North as well as South Indian varieties of limestone. With approximately 20 years of experience in limestone manufacturing and export, we process and export premium-quality limestone in different countries in Europe, Middle East, North America, and Australia.

Quality stone form limestone manufacturers for various applications

Several world-famous structures, both archaic and modern, are known to incorporate natural limestone in their construction. Historical buildings and monuments like Megalithic Temples of Malta, Great Sphinx of Giza, Beer Quarry Caves, Lincoln Memorial, and Empire State Building have been made of limestone that is hard, durable, weather-resistant, and beautiful. The limestone supplier offers limestone in all customized and standard sizes as per changing needs of natural stone importers and agents living overseas. When it comes to having the best quality stone from India, Regatta ensures high quality with zero defect products for wall tiles, floor tiles, countertops, worktops, fireplace hearths, mantles, bathroom wall panels, cladding, landscaping, paving, coping, statuary, flooring, stair treads, and risers. It finds extensive application in the construction industry and architectural designing as dimension stone.

Limestone colors and Regatta’s commitment to service

We supply you stones from most of the limestone quarries, factories, and processing units located in Ramganjmandi in the Kota District in Rajasthan and Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh. In the form of blocks, slabs (gangsaw and cutter), tiles, and articles, we offer you different limestone colors that add appeal and charm to your surroundings. These include Kota blue, Kota brown, green, lime black, lime peacock, tandur yellow, and pink limestone.
We are committed to delivering quality, quantity, professionalism, and a hassle-free service to our esteemed customers living in different parts of the world. From cutting of limestone blocks to shaping slabs and from packing stones to shipping them from ports, we leave nothing unnoticed. Consequently, we match all expectations as per changing needs.

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Note: Minimum order of one container/3000 sq.ft.