Packaging Unit

Natural Stone Packing Unit

Reliable Packing Process for a Safe Transit

Regatta Universal Exports understands what buyers expect when it comes to packing of dimension stones, such as granite and marble. That is why we give prime importance to stone packing with the utmost care. Though stones are pretty hard in nature, they are susceptible to damages during several phases of loading, unloading, and long road/sea transportation. Right from the time of loading at the factories until their unloading at the clients’ site, stone products are subjected to harsh treatments as they cover thousands of miles through rough sea routes. It, therefore, becomes imperative to focus on stone packing for safely, which ensures their intact deliveries at a desired location around the world. We use the following packing materials for extra safety of stone products.

Safer natural stone packing
Natural stone packed crates

Stone packaging material 

Plastic sheets, thin polythene sheets & forms

Polythene sheets in between polished surfaces

Reinforced straps outside & cushioning materials

Strong seaworthy wooden crates

Thermocol boxes and corrugated boxes

Well-fumigated wooden pallets and plastic covering 

Marble Tiles Packing
Marble tile packing

In order to protect these stones from chipping, scratches, or any other kind of damage; we follow all the necessary steps while packing stones in strong wooden crates. When it comes to stone packing, stones are properly arranged in corrugated boxes that are then packed tightly in wooden crates. The crates are further chemically treated and fumigated before the dispatch. Personal care is taken during brazing and latching the crates to avoid damage during transit. The wooden boxes are finally wrapped in a waterproof plastic to avoid any exposure to moisture, sun, or cold.



At Regatta Universal Exports, we guarantee to deliver the product in its original form to the customers; be it any part of the world.