Mr. Sundeep Gandotra – Director, Regatta Universal Exports

We started in the year 2000 with our first order of just a single container. At the time of its inception, there were barely 2 people – me and my assistant.

Today, we are a company of around 50 people, comprising field staff, office staff and factory staff, and export 40-50 containers of stone every month.

We primarily export sandstone, quartzite & limestone. We process these stones in multiple finishes in our factory in Bundi, Rajasthan.

Our professionalism and the vast range of stones in a multitude of finishes that we export is our USP. The customer comes first for us. A team of talented and experienced staff is always there to assist me.

We primarily export granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, and other natural stones. We process these stones in multiple finishes in our two manufacturing units located in Bundi (Rajasthan), and Prakasam (Andhra Pradesh). Our factories in North India and South India help us process all types of Indian natural stones in the most exemplary way for our buyers.

As transportation cost is a big component of the free on board (FOB) cost, we do all special processing in our factory. Due to these two factors, our prices are very competitive and the quality of the finished stone is high. We are ISO certified and take corporate responsibility seriously. We feel that a business should be more responsible for giving back to society rather than just taking from it. Our customer base includes some big names in the industry as well as small players, but we pay equal respect and attention to all.

I keep on trying to inculcate a sense of professionalism in my staff and it has been always good to see highly professional staff performing various tasks in complete harmony; be it in the field, office, or factory. We work as a family and believe that every employee is with us for his lifetime. A dedicated employee at Regatta can enjoy benefits like appraisals, incentives, salary hikes as well as job satisfaction. Nevertheless, there are disagreements at times, but we try to resolve them amicably keeping in mind the interests of both parties.

During the course of our journey of nearly 20 years, we have faced many ups and downs, but nothing diverted us from our path. Instead, we took every problem as a challenge and learned a new lesson while overcoming the same. Every difficulty that we have come across was transformed into an opportunity by our dedicated staff, which eventually helped us to improve as better professionals.

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