All about Book Matching in Natural Stones

Book-matching can be regarded as one of the most commonly used terms or techniques in the natural stone industry. Especially in the marble and granite manufacturing factories, this technique is heavily employed to highlight the beauty of natural stones. People dealing with natural stones on a daily basis are presumably well aware of the technique […]

Slate as a Sustainable Building Material

Slate is a foliated metamorphic rock and has known to be used since the ancient Roman era. Some of its striking properties like water resistance, fire resistance, and durability make this natural stone a great choice for construction. Available in a variety of shades, designs, and colors; this stone is extensively used for wall cladding, flooring, […]

Tile, Marble and Wood for Flooring: A Comparison

All the three materials, viz. tiles, marble and wood are globally used for flooring but are different in terms of origin, appearance, components, and properties. Marble floor tile products depend on these factors and their suitability change for different types of projects. Tiles: Marble floor tile is manufactured under human-controlled conditions in factories and mainly consists […]

Maintenance of Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock that consists of recrystallized carbonate minerals with the most common ones being calcite or dolomite. It is a beautiful natural stone that occurs in numerous shades and patterns. In the construction sector, marble is mostly used to create floor tiles, countertops, and furniture. Although Indian marble is a durable material, […]