Know natural stone potential with strength tests

People use natural stones for indoor and outdoor construction works. At the global level, natural stone producers deal in the selling of a variety of natural stones, including granite, marble, quartzite, limestone, and sandstone. The best benefit of using these stones for the construction purpose is that they are strong and make any space look […]

Illuminate every corner of your home with limestone

There are lots of benefits of using limestone as a natural stone for creating charming characteristics to your home and giving it a historically and culturally-rich look. With chemical and physical properties (density, compressive strength, hardness, water absorption, weather impact, and porosity), limestone is the first choice of architects and designers in all corner of […]

Marble countertop for kitchens: Yeah or Nay

While choosing a kitchen countertop, one should give importance to the non-staining capacity of the stone and its ability to face regular wear and tear. So, maintenance also matters the most. As far as choosing the right kitchen countertop material is concerned, beauty and longevity are prime factors.  Marble is beautiful, but it is more […]