Add Wow Factor & Style to Bathroom Design with Natural Stone

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Gone are the days when bathrooms were used as a place to bath only. Today, your bathroom is a part and parcel of your domestic architecture and also reflects your living style. You just don’t bring bricks and mortar to make a small space for the bathing purpose. It is a place where you spend quality time and feel comfortable and relaxed. When it comes to garnering the surfaces and walls of the bathroom, you need to rely upon various construction materials. Nature stones are the most appropriate option as they are natural products and add elegant beauty to the place where they are installed. Marble, granite, slate, or quartzite are the most popular stone bathroom options that will bring beauty, durability, and resistance to your countertops, walls or floors in your bathroom. Let’s check out how natural stones add style and wow factor to your bathroom design.

natural stone bathroom
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A bold statement of elegance and style with stone bathroom


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In a wet location like a bathroom, it is vital that you secure firm foot movement in a hassle-free manner. When you enter the bathroom, you deserve some space that makes you feel comfortable. From stone bathroom tiles to stone bathroom sinks, everything in the bath should be proper and organized so you can get a wow factor. That is why natural stones emerge as the first choice of all with the following advantages: 

  • Easy long-term maintenance with natural stone bathroom.
  • It makes a bold statement of elegance and style.
  • Strength and durability for many years to come.
  • The natural stone symbolizes exclusivity and style.
  • A completely unique look with somewhat different veining and coloring
  • Marble and granite in your bathroom improve its resale value.
  • Ideal for stone surface installation in wet locations.
stone wall bathroom
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Stone wall bathroom in a shower environment

A stone wall is simply the most stylish option for giving a vivid look to your existing or new bath. Here, choosing a perfect natural stone material (marble or slate) can help you improve the overall décor. Here, light white marble color can do wonders as it is a big fit for the shower area and invulnerable to damage. Granite also works well in the shower environment. Remember that a natural stone bathroom should be equipped with a continuous design option promising a unique look for the bathroom’s aesthetics.

stone wall bathroom
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Natural stone floor tiles for comfort and firm foot movement

Custom size tiles are necessary for having a non-slippery surface for your bathrooms. Here, slate can make a difference on a condition that it has natural textures and finishes. It will be good if you can prefer to have tumbled, bush-hammered or chiseled finishes for availing a non-slippery surface and increasing economic value to your bathroom. Grey and white tile combination can give you newer alternatives. Off-white tiles can be an adventurous choice.

Tiles: 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 30 and 60 x 60 cm with width thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, and 1.5 cm

natural stone wall tile
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Searching substitutes for natural stone can be a good idea, but there is nothing that can beat the magic and beauty of natural stones. Whether you are interested in choosing natural stone floor tiles, natural stone wall tile, or natural stone washbasin, natural stone suppliers from India give you an edge in terms of quality, price, and perfection.

Regatta Universal Exports is a natural stone supplier and manufacturer from India that offers a big assortment of high-quality natural stone products, including stone bathroom materials, at the most competitive price tag to B2B and B2C buyers at the global level. All bathroom stone supplies from the natural stone company ensure the addition of wow factor and style to the bathroom design in an effective manner.