Common misconceptions about royal, natural marble stone

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For many decades, marble stone has been a great symbol of wonderful architecture and sophisticated life-style. Superb historic structures, like Taj Mahal in Agra; The Colosseum in Rome, Italy; The Great Pyramids at Giza in Cairo, Egypt; The Supreme Courthouse, and Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., need no introduction as they speak of their value themselves. 

The thing that makes marble stones first choice of all is its design option that is proved through the factors of versatility, beauty, durability & functionality. Nonetheless, there are lots of myths and misconceptions about marble stone products that should be addressed. A large number of people interested in buying this superb stone product entangle themselves in these myths when it comes to buying.

Marble myth or reality

Common myths associated with royal stone: Marble

Without a doubt, marble is a highly popular and royal natural stone product that has been a part and parcel of exemplary architectural structures in all parts of the world. There are some people who are ignorant of natural marble applications and its utility. They easily gripped with lots of myths prevalent around. They hardly come out of this grip and take things as they come to them.

Myth: Marble is a poor choice for kitchen worktops

Reality: It is a superb choice!!!

Marble is simply a great choice for kitchen worktops as it offers a platform for the cooking surface, fit for countertops. In addition, it imparts a surface which is good for rolling out dough. It matches well with cabinets and wall hues. Remember that honed marble stones are less prone to etching and scratching. Last but not least, it is heat-resistance and durable.

White Marble countertop
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Rainforest marble countertop product
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Myth: Marble needs great maintenance

Myth: Marble needs great maintenance

All types of natural and engineered stones need a specific sort of maintenance to some extent, so is marble. It gets damaged when it is abused. For better output, professionally, seal it properly. Then, routine cleaning can help you retain the sparkle and durability of marble stones of all types and sizes.

Myth: Marble is a very costly stone

Reality: Not exactly!!!

Sure, it is not cheap but its cost varies. Rare marble types are rather expensive. But abundant stone products are less expensive. Actually, specific marble slabs or tiles add value for decades. If you purchase marble from established marble hubs like India in bulk, you can have a reduced price for ordering big containers.

White marble cutter slab product
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Rainforest green marble Gangsaw Slab
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Myth: Marble stone magnetizes bacteria

Reality: It is not unhygienic at all!!!

Bacteria are found everywhere. Like other surfaces, marble surface is also liable to undesirable bacteria. You better opt for a polished stone product that covers porous surfaces. These days, marble suppliers in India are offering marble with antibacterial properties.

Myth: Natural marble stone never goes out of style

Reality: It is an evergreen stone!!!

There are lots of beautiful architectural masterpieces standing tall for centuries. White marble speaks of its beauty itself. It is likely that particular colors and finishes are not in vogue. But, marble is an eternal beauty that is timeless and classic too. When it comes to décor and construction projects, marble outshines all other stone products due to its inherent features. Marble is known for its admired look and ageless style.

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Some people think that marble looks great but it is not very rough. Some say marble is easily prone to bruising and scratching. Both assumptions are wrong. If you can overcome the grip of so-called myths, you will find that a variety of marble stones are more affordable, sturdy, and easier to sustain. It is a universal truth that the unparalleled beauty of marble is capable of enhancing the charm of any place innately.  

The scenario of marble stones in the context of India

Green MarbleThere are several ways to bring marble into your lives. All countertops, backsplashes, bathrooms, tabletops, flooring, and cladding get a new lease of life when they are garnered with colorful marble stone materials. Every ancient Greek sculpture defines its magic with marble touch. From a lavish hotel lobby to a kitchen island and from a cool floor to murals, marble has its way into all household and commercial structures. Let’s move ahead and have a look at the scenario of marble stones in the context of India where natural stone is found in profusion. In India, it is easy to buy marble stone tile, step, slab, block, or other article types at an affordable price tag.

Certified marble suppliers in India helps buyers get marble stone when they prefer to import marble from India. With Rajasthan as the hub of the best quality marble in India, marble suppliers cater to needs of global B2B and B2C buyers with the following aspects:

  • Marble features – Durable, strong, veining pattern, dense, and weather-resistance
  • Marble quality – Commercial and premium
  • Marble size – Tiles, gangsaw slabs 260 x 160 cm up in 2 and 3 cm, cutter slabs 180 x 60 cm up in 2 and 3 cm, countertops, and vanity tops
  • Marble finishes – Polished, lepatora, honed, sandblasted, antique (sandblasted + brushed), bush-hammered, bush hammered + brushed, and leather finish.
  • Marble colors – White, black, green, brown, rainforest, and pink marble stone
  • Marble delivery – One full container load delivered at buyers’ local port

All these aspects are far and above marble myths. You simply need the right guidance and help from professionals and experts of marble stones.

Regatta Universal Exports is a professional and experienced marble stone supplier from India. With a wide variety of stone products, the marble company supplies its marble products and articles in more than 60 countries across the world.