Earthly beauty slate floor tiles: A viable option for your hardscape

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“When nature and manmade features mingle properly, it gives birth to a landscape that consists of the hard and soft landscape. When it comes to making your outdoor hardscape both functional and attractive, slate floor tiles emerge as the most viable option that redefines your outdoor hardscape.”

slate paved roads

Slate is a beautiful natural stone that adds different colors and textures to your landscape, including soft landscape (trees, shrubs, and floral arrangements) and hardscape (fountains, pools, paved roads, and driveways). The varying hues of this stone bring up a unique look with an ideal mix of light and dark colors. Slate is a superb stone having non-slippery, cleft, and hard surfaces. That is why this stone is a great option for having attractive flooring options. With this content, all readers will know more about why slate floor tiles have an edge over other stone types and what sort of slate tile colors and types are available in the competitive market.

Slate, Mother Nature’s stone, as a unanimous choice for hardscaping

In a hardscape, there are several non-living elements like sleeper walls, stairs, paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, and walkways. All these hardscaping elements can take things to the next level when the slate is given preference as a construction material. It is light and dark color along with a unique texture that infuses drama and warmth to any outdoor structure. Beauty, gorgeous sheen, warmth, and versatility are other big factors that entice natural stone lovers to multiple slate products. Without doubt slate floor tiles are a superb natural stone from the womb of Mother Nature. 

Outdoor Flooring Slate Tiles

When it comes to creating a space that flaunts your dramatic and creative aspect innately, it is multi-colored slate tiles in beige, rust, and gray shades. In addition, slate is a good choice for having textured finishes. Using slate to pave a floor can spruce up things. Slate stone tiles are durable and hard. That is why they are capable of resisting damage from regular wear and tear, scratching, chipping, and water-resistant. Any area that gets a lot of foot traffic is good for having a floor that is made of slate. Moreover, any area where contact with water is an issue, this stone makes a big difference.

Some of the suggested uses of slate stone tiles are outdoor pavers, stacked stone walls, and pool copings. In order to have a proper hardscape that looks fabulous, it is vital that you combine modern floor tile products with other complementary tiles. There are lots of cool and calm shades that you can choose to give an edge to the outdoor landscape. You can also opt for slate products having disparities of light and dark veining to bring a new twist to the story. 

outdoor slate tiles

Slate as hardscape material in the competitive market

nce you are convinced that slate is the right hardscape material, it high time to look out what is available in the competitive market that can cater to your specific hardscape designing and construction needs. Consistent texture, colorful tones, puzzling veins, bright and dull spots, big marking, small marking and mix hues with smudges are some of the unique features that every buyer should find in hardscape materials before making a purchase. In addition, it is anti-slip and non-combustible characteristics of the stone product that make it an unavoidable choice for outdoor flooring.

Before making an actual purchase, make sure you take a note of the difference between gauged tiles and ungauged tiles. Slate tiles are known as ungauged when they are availed in their most natural state (rough, uneven, and not uniform). On the other hand, gauged tiles come in custom and standard sizes. Interestingly, slate is a low-cost flooring option and puts minimum burden on the pocket of global natural stone buyers. In terms of price and quality, Indian slate floor tiles are in huge demand at the global level. Following are some of the unique facts showing why slate is a real surface material option:

  • Slate tile colors – Black, green, grey, gold, gren, pink, red, yellow, and multicolor
  • Slate tiles for hardscaping – 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 30 and 60 x 60 cm with width thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, and 1.5 cm
  • Available finishes – Natural calibrated machine cut (MC) edges
M Green Rustic Slate
Indian Autumn Slate
Black Rustic Slate

Regatta Universal Exports is a slate manufacturer, supplier, and exporter from India offering a wide range of multiple small and large slate tiles for hardscape architecture and designing. No matter what size, thickness, and finish B2B and B2C buyers are looking for, filling a form by sharing all relevant stone product requirements can make things happen in their favor.