Get the Best of Indian Marble Price with Regatta Universal Exports

A major concern among homeowners, who love natural stones, is marble price, especially the one that comes from India. It is a general observation that marble prices of different varieties vary a lot with numerous marble manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India and this makes it very difficult for a marble buyer to find the right material at the right price.

Well, as far as the quality of Indian marble is concerned, it is simply matchless. This can be easily understood with the fact that the world-renowned Taj Mahal – one of the world’s seven wonders – was actually built using the stunning white marble from the Makrana region of Rajasthan – a state that is known globally for its high-quality marble quarries and marble processing as well as marble products. Usually, buyers find good-quality marble, but how to be about of the price being offered by an Indian marble exporter or supplier!

Moreover, identifying the quality of marble is again a tricky task, but it is a crucial factor that ultimately decides the most competitive Indian marble price. Even the parameters on which the marble quality depend on are not easy to be traced. The same variety of marble may have different prices if they are coming from two different marble quarries; possibly because of strength, hardness and other associated factors. On top of this, the density or sparseness of surface design patterns, usually the color other than the base color of the marble plays an important role in setting the price of the marble, which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or marble exporter to exporter. Opt for golden, brown, white or green marble color for an excellent result.

India in itself is quite a big nation in terms of area, but almost all marble quarries as well as marble manufacturing plants are situated in Northern parts of the country including the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat with the last one being the largest producer of marble in India. So, at times, transportation cost can also add to the price of the marble, making it more expensive. In other words, the farthest the marble supplier is from the region of its origin, higher would be its price. So, chances are there that you may find the marble price is Chennai a bit higher than what you would be offered by North Indian marble exporters or manufacturers.

Now, when you have learnt so many aspects of marble pricing in India, you might be even more puzzled and to some extent, hopeless as well. Well, you don’t have to worry or feel stranded as there is a solution and it’s quite simple. All you need is to contact the 18-year-old Regatta Universal Exports, a globally reputed Indian supplier and exporter of marble and other natural stones like granite, sandstone, limestone and quartz. With its very own natural stone factory in Rajasthan and multiple offices across India, Regatta Universal Exports is a veteran name in the Indian as well as international marble industry.

Boasting a giant base of happy and highly satisfied domestic and international customers, Regatta ensures incomparable marble quality, stringent quality checks, safe and secure transportation, dedicated customer service and on time deliveries of marble products in any part of the world.

Owing to its its strong and long-established network of other marble manufacturers and producers in India, the customer-centric and Universal Exports not just promises highly competitive marble price, but availability of a wide range of Indian natural stone products, including marble at any given point of time.

Still in doubt! No issues, Regatta is always open to share contacts of its existing customers with you, so that you can better understand the advantages of being associated with it. Transparency with customers and professionalism are key factors behind the success of this Indian marble exporter. So, what are you waiting for? Simply, browse through the marble category on Regatta’s official website (Hyperlink required), select the marble color or product of your choice and fill up the enquiry space to get an immediate call back.

Give Regatta Universal Exports a chance to serve you once and for sure, you wouldn’t look for any option for your next marble purchase from India.