Get Your Choice Limestone Surface with a Unique Limestone Finish

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All-natural stone surfaces are not made the same. Do you know, why? It happens due to the demand for stone different surface choices. Like other natural stones, limestone also comes in various finishes and sizes. A limestone finish makes the limestone surface smooth, anti-slippery, and fit for wearing the load of traffic. From flamed to polished and from honed to brushing, many finishes make limestone tiles and countertops fit for various applications. The following content discusses limestone finishes that B2B and B2C buyers can opt for their own purposes. Also, find what the Indian limestone suppliers and exporters are offering to the world around.  

Limnestone flooring tiles

Most common limestone finishes for surface treatment

Natural limestone from quarries comes in the shape of big blocks. These blocks get a new shape in natural stone processing units. Being a rough-textured stone, limestone is fit for various residential and commercial construction projects in all parts of the world. With its stain removability ability, hardness, and weather-resistant power, this stone is ideal for interior and exterior designing applications. This fine-grained stone with a specific finish makes a difference to countertops, wall cladding, flooring, roofing, cobbles, and steps. The stone is easy to cut and reshape. In a commercial world, B2B and B2C buyers can expect a unique limestone surface that suits the exact needs of end-users. The following are some of the most common limestone finishes for treating the limestone surface. These include:

Natural hand-cut limestone


  • The most basic finish did manually
  • Cuts limestone in the desired size and shape
  • Ideal for outdoor flooring, paving and wall cladding
  • Imparts limestone a naturally rough surface
  • Prevents surface slips and falls
  • Provides a unique look to the vertical structure
kota blue limestone supplier

Bottom calibrated finish

  • Reduces the thickness of the stone
  • Makes the base calibrated for easy adherence


Sawn/machine-cut limestone finish

  • Utilizes diamond disc teeth to develop the finish
  • Develops an uneven and rough surface with tiny undulations
  • Superb for driveways, pathways, patios, and paving
Lime black limestone tiles

Flamed limestone finish

  • Passes an oxy-acetylene torch over the surface
  • Applies a cold pressurized jet of water to fracture surface
  • Imparts a non-slip surface fit for terraces or public paved areas
  • It is a specialized technique not used by all limestone factories
  • Provides a different look to surface that is anti-slippery

Sandblasted limestone Finish


  • Treats surface by silica sand using air guns
  • Acquires small pores and a smooth abrasive texture
  • Exposes the color of the surface
  • Gives a more slip-resistant surface in wet areas

Honed limestone finish

  • Preferred for interior wall cladding and flooring
  • Ideal for benchtops and kitchen countertops
  • A satin, smooth surface with little or no gloss
  • Develops an even, smooth and flat surface
  • Imparts a relatively smooth surface just like a polished finish
  • Less glossy and reflective but still smooth with a small degree of sheen
  • Slip-resistance with a lower grit
Honed limestone tiles

Brushed limestone finish

  • Treats surface with a metal or hard plastic brush
  • Removes the soft sections of the surface
  • Leaves behind a slightly weathered texture
  • Brushes the stone with steel or hard nylon brushes
  • Makes a lightly textured surface that is resilient to scratches and marks
  • Ideal for an anti-slippery surface
  • Removes the softer parts of limestone to leave a rippled surface
Brushed limestone

Tumbled limestone finish

  • Involves distressing the edges and surface
  • Vibrates the stone in a bath of sand and grit
  • Administered with hands to chip the edges
  • Provides an aged and worn outlook
  • Loses sharp edges of the surface to make it smooth
  • Treats surface with small-size yet relatively stronger stones 
  • Makes the surface entirely uniform with soft surface and edges
Tandur blue limestone in tumbled finish

Polished limestone Finish

  • Induces a glossy surface over limestone
  • Exposes character and color of the stone
  • Not commonly used on limestone
  • Grinds surface for a high gloss polish
  • Grinding with fine diamond grit pads or compounds
  • Mirror-like effect with oxalic acid or a crystallizing compound
  • Improves the resistance of the stone
  • Reduces limestone’s porosity to almost zero
Polished limeblack tiles

Top Indian limestone tile colors in popular finishes

Without a doubt, India is a big country and it has big limestone reserves. India is also a big limestone exporter to the world. There are lots of limestone factories that process millions of stones in tonnes every year. These factories finish natural stone products that are exported to the world. When it comes to having top limestone finishes with edges, Indian limestone manufacturers cater to all needs professionally. From natural calibrated hand-cut and machine-cut tumbled to honed calibrated hand-cut and machine-cut tumbled to natural + brushed calibrated machine-cut and hand-cut, Indian limestone finishes give B2B buyers a competitive edge. India also process slabs and tiles in a big quantity. As far as the availability of limestone products, buyers can expect tiles in the following sizes: 30 x 30, 60 x 60, 60 x 90 and 60 x 120 cm with thickness 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm or 6 cm.

Physical properties of limestone

  • Compressive Strength – 1800 to 2100 Kg/cm2
  • Density – 2.5 – 2.65 Kg/m3
  • Hardness – 3 to 4 rating on the Mohs scale
  • Porosity – Low
  • Water Absorption –Below 1%
  • Weather Impact – High resistance

Chemical properties of limestone

  • Alumina (Al2O3) 2 – 4%
  • Lime (CaO) 38 – 42%
  • Loss on Ignition (LOI) 30 – 32%
  • Mg & Na 1.5 – 2.5%
  • Silica (SiO2) 20 – 25%
Kurnool Grey Limestone Exporters

Top limestone colors

Kota blue stone

Kita brown stone

Kurnool grey stone

Lime black stone

Lime green stone

Lime peacock stone

Lime pink stone

Tandur blue stone

Tandur blue stone

Whether you are searching for lime black limestone, Kota blue limestone, lime green limestone, or tandur blue limestone in any limestone finish, Indian limestone suppliers offer the best and real-time limestone solutions. Global customers get better natural stone choices at competitive prices.