Homeowners Rank Quartzite as First Choice among Natural Stone Materials

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Without a doubt, countertops are an essential element of every kitchen and bath space. They are favored for having the benefits of beauty, sanitary, and durability. Among the long list of natural stone materials, quartzite stone matters the most for the people who prefer it for its inherent features and cost factor.  When it comes to preferring a natural stone countertop, not faux countertop, quartzite countertops win the race. With this content, natural stone enthusiasts will know why quartzite is the top-selling natural stone material and what top quartzite colors are available in the Indian natural stone market for B2B buyers.   

Quartzite countertop supplier

A close look at countertop color preferences

As per a new survey conducted by the Kitchen & Bath Design News (KBDN), “As both a kitchen design staple and a multifunctional surface that aids in a wide variety of tasks, countertops are a critical element in the kitchen. Prized for their beauty, durability, and sanitary benefits, today’s hot surfaces are an essential element to the kitchen. Material wise, quartz is leading the way, while neutral colors with movement and texture remain on trend. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of demand for bold, statement-making colors as well.”

The KBDN controlled a survey to know more about trending countertop materials and colors. The survey that had polled about 175 dealers and designers of kitchen and bath. It also pointed to the benefits that homeowners expect to have from their choice bath and kitchen countertops. The survey expresses that quartzite countertops are here to stay. With the finding of this survey, it is clear that quartzite is the most valuable stone in the category of natural stone products.


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Image resource: KBDN survey

Homeowners prefer to welcome quartzite to their kitchens and baths over marble, granite, and other natural stone materials. After quartz, it is quartzite stone material that more than a third (35.1%) of designers and dealers like to supply to their clients. Homeowners prefer materials that are durable enough to cope up well with various kitchen tasks – food preparation, family meals, and kitchen management. The heat and scratch-resistant ability of quartzite countertops make them the first choice of all. Also, colorful quartzite excels higher on the Mohs scale (7) than costly marble (3) stone.

Quartzite countertop color options available in India for B2B buyers

The KBDN survey is also a big indicator of the color preferences shown by homeowners. It shows that people are welcoming neutral colors for their bath and kitchen countertops. As quartzite is the most preferred best natural stone material, colorful quartzite countertops will likely make an impression. Neutral colors like ivory, white, black, beige, grey, and brown are the trendiest colors for kitchen or bath countertops. Moreover, it is the white color that takes the front seat. Other earth tone colors are also making their presence felt. Primarily, neutral colors have two big categories:



  • Earth tone colors of quartzite – Colors like tans, beiges, off whites, and grays that mix well with most everything around.


  • Black, white, and gray colors of quartzite – These are made of every other color mixed in equal proportions perfectly.
S White Quartzite Tiles

Quartzite countertop is considered well not only for durability but also for its aesthetic elements. The Indian natural stone market is globally famous for a variety of natural stone products for residential and commercial construction projects. With a large number of quartzite stone mines, India sells and supplies quartzite in all parts of the world. Indian quartzite market caters to the changing needs of B2B quartzite buyers with the following popular colors of quartzite countertops.

  • White quartzite colors – S White quartzite and H White quartzite
  • Grey quartzite colors – Silver grey quartzite
  • Black quartzite colors – H black quartzite

B2B buyers rush to the Indian quartzite market to get top quality stone products at competitive prices. With an ETI and ISO-qualified quartzite manufacturer and supplier in India, it is easy to buy natural stone products in a bulk quantity.

  • Quartzite Tiles: 30 x 30, 60 x 30, 60 x 60 and 60 x 90 cm with thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm.
  • Quartzite Finishes with Edges: Polished, honed, natural calibrated, and brushed machine cut (MC)

To sum up, the Indian quartzite market puts an end to the search for B2B buying of quartzite countertops.