Hot selling limestone products for your home remodeling in 2019

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We are inching closer to the year 2019 and are geared up to welcome the New Year with open arms. Every year, you take some resolutions and leave no stone unturned to make things possible. It is likely that you are thinking of building a home or renovating the existing ones in the next year. If yes, it is high time to look for some unique and hot selling limestone products that can give a new persona to the idea of your home remodeling in the upcoming year. Go through the content and check out what natural stone products can solve your riddle in the least possible time.

Limestone products in construction and architecture

All of us know the Pyramid of Giza as a renowned landmark and architectural beauty that is still alive.  In North America and Europe, this stone is in huge demand. Thanks to the factors of durability, variety, and aesthetic elements for making the stone first choice of all. In Canada, it is the Kingston city in Ontario where a large number of buildings have been made up of limestone. Thus, the city is popular as Limestone City. Be it an interior or exterior structure of your domestic space, limestone products induce a big difference. In construction, this stone has various uses including:

Limeblack limestone tiles
  • Countertops, worktops, fireplace hearths, mantles, and fireplaces.
  • Bathroom wall panels to resolve grouting issues incurred whilst using tiles.
  • Stair treads and risers for a low maintenance solution to staircases.
  • Interior and exterior cladding, landscaping, and paving.
  • Coping, statuary, flooring, monuments, countertops, sinks and pool coping.
  • Fountains, worktops, patio, kitchen hood, and natural landscaping.

Hot selling limestone products

For having an elegant and divine landscape design that harbors a warm and cozy feeling to your living space, it is vital that you clad your surroundings with unique limestone products. Following are some of the colorful limestone varieties that play a pivotal role in accomplishing your home remodeling dream. These options are a beautiful addition to your home and fit all individual styles. These gems include:

Kota Blue limestone :

Kota blue limestone installation
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This classy and enticing stone from the state of Rajasthan comes in a light blue hue with delicate shades of yellow and green. This stone type can be a surprising element for installing flooring, wall cladding, paving or facades because it is hard and can stand high temperatures. Being non-porous, non-slippery, and able to remove stains, it is perfect for both interior and exterior designing. Smooth texture, great finish, and engaging tones of the stone make it a hot selling product.

Tandur Yellow limestone:

Tandur yellow limestone installation

For the purpose of wall cladding, paving and flooring, there are lots of limestone options. But, Tandur Yellow limestone gives you an edge with its rustic looks and subtle texture. It is the frontrunner when you plan to add a royal touch to your living space. This stone is a magical material for landscape designing as it is frost-resistant and maintains its color even after years to come.

Lime Black limestone:

Lime black limestone installation
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Famous by names like Cuddapah Black, Madras Black, or Midnight Black, this South Indian beauty appears with a rough texture. It is easy to reshape and cut. Being hard and able to withstand high temperatures, it is used for residential and commercial construction projects at the global level. The fine granules of this stone make it compact and dense. That is why it is a big fit as paving stones for landscapes and gardens.

Lime Green limestone:

If you are thinking of wall cladding and landscape design projects, this stone type can help you a lot due to its hardness and texture. Being strong enough to defy insensitive climatic conditions, this stone is ideal for all exterior and interior architectural designing candidly. If you love old-world charm, this stone puts an end to your search. It is a complement to home remodeling projects when you perceive it as a base material for paving stone, flooring, veneer, countertop, backsplash, and wall cladding.
To sum up, this content puts exposes some unique limestone products that you use to redefine your home remodeling projects. For product information or sales inquiry on limestone color, price, and product, please go through our product gallery or demand a quick quote with the form here.
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