Sandstone has been one of the most popular natural stone construction materials for decades for several indoor and outdoor construction projects. With loads of features, sandstone gives a new meaning to the beauty and character of all floors, walls, pools, landscapes, and stone articles. Sandstone is a multipurpose stone that simply adds elegance and timeless style to a place where it is installed. India produces sandstone in bulk and caters to the needs of B2B buyers looking for customized sandstone product solutions. Read this content and find out details of sandstone products available for B2B sales in India. All these sandstone products come from Rajasthan, North India.

Autumn brown sandstone

Unique sandstone product coming from Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous as a desert land that produces a variety of natural stones. There are lots of natural stone processing units that chisel rough sandstone into usable stone for construction and décor purposes. From natural stone production to global stone export and from stone processing to marketing, the Indian granite industry involves in all these activities. India supplies a big quantity of stone product in bulk. With many sandstone quarries, Rajasthan is capable of matching all sandstone needs uniquely. Check out the following sandstone products that are ready for sale. These include:

• Sandstone tiles: 30 x 30, 60 x 30, 60 x 60 and 60 x 90 cm with thickness 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm or 6 cm
• Sandstone palisades: 10-12 x 12-25 x 30-250 cm
• Sandstone slabs: 120-190 cm x 90-60 cm with thickness 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm or 6 cm.
• Sandstone wall cladding: 100 x 25-45 x 5 cm
• Sandstone step blocks: 75-200 x 35 x 15 cm
• Sandstone floor plates and facing bricks
• Sandstone wall stones and skirting stone
• Cobblestones and sandstone blocks

Modak Sandstone Flooring
Modak sandstone flooring
Kandla grey sandstone
Kandla grey sandstone palisades
Kandla grey sandstone palisades
Mint sandstone projects
White mint sandstone stepping stone
Kandla grey sandstone wall cladding
Kandla grey sandstone wall cladding
Raising wall made of sandstone bricks
Yellow Brown Cobbles
Cobble stones
Dholpur beige sandstone block

Highly popular sandstone in different colors

Sandstone from Rajasthan comes in many earthly colors that look good on different surfaces. Red, brown, grey, white, black, and green are some popular colors that buyers can choose for their purposes. Below mentioned is a brief list of seven hot-selling sandstone product options coming from the land of Rajasthan in India. These include:

• Agra red sandstone with a red-colored texture occurred due to red oxide.
Autumn brown sand stone having a mixture of dark and light creamy brown tones with touches of plum and grey hues.
• Desert mint sandstone with a yellow base having subtle hints of mint hues.
• Kandla grey sandstone with a grey-hued surface and consistent texture.
• Modak sandstone with a chocolate-shaded surface and accents of dark red, plum, and light brown.
• Rainbow sandstone with a surface that has veins and swirls in violet, brown, and red colors.
• White mint sandstone in a pale mint with sparsely occurring yellowish to light brown hues.

Agra Red Sandblasted
Agra red sandstone in sandblasted finish
Autumn Brown Sandstone
Autumn brown sandstone tiles
Desert Mint Sandstone
Desert mint sandstone tile product
Kandla Grey Sandstone
Kandla grey sandstone tile product
Modak Sandstone
Hand-cut modak sandstone in various finishes
White Mint SandStone
White mint sandstone tile product

With an ISO-qualified sandstone supplier, B2B buyers can opt for all mentioned-above quality sandstone product types in specific finishes with edges including natural calibrated, natural + brushed calibrated, honed calibrated, and honed + sandblasted calibrated machine cut (MC) and hand-cut (HC). Buyers can also expect sandstone in bush-hammered calibrated machine cut (MC).

While buying a particular color and a particular product, make sure you stick to the quality product that matches all quality standards.

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