Decorative stone quartzite is assumed a big fit for countertops, walls, roofs, floors, and stair steps. Granite-like properties and marble-like appearance of the stone makes it suitable for multiple applications. Welcome white quartzite stone to your home and office. Being hard, resistant to water absorption, heat, and scratches, the white-hued stone delivers performance and beauty.

S White Quartzite Ledgestone

Metamorphic rock quartzite is seen as a perfect choice for countertops owing to its ability to resist high temperatures and pressures. Chemical properties of the stone make it highly resistant to anything acidic. Nowadays, this stone is a new rage for modern and trendy kitchen countertops. Thanks to its superb features that set the stage for a beautiful and performing stone. Among colorful natural stone options, white quartzite beats all and renders immense benefits that are hard to get with any other stone types. It is also soft on pockets. A large number of people generally ask if they can place a hot pan on quartzite. The answer to this question is simple: Yes. With this content, readers will be able to know more about white quartzite, comparing to other stone types, and two topmost stones in a white hue.

White quartzite: From durability to appearance

In all corners of the world, a large number of homeowners prefer to have quartzite countertops for its magnificence, strength, and overall toughness. With one-of-a-kind looks, the stone is committed to rendering your countertop a personal signature. Another thing that catches all eyes is the color of the stone that remains unchanged forever. It happens because the stone easily resists ultraviolet (UV) radiation. That is why it keeps its color unbothered always. With the following few lines, you will know what unique features of quartzite are.

H White Quartzite Mosaic
S White Quartzite Tiles

More durable than granite

Quartzite is both hard and sturdy like granite. The only thing that makes quartzite harder than granite is its rating: 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. That is why quartzite is harder than all other common natural stones in the competitive market. In addition, this stone in a white hue is also denser and less porous than granite.

Quartzite and marble are a lookalike

Quartzite can be a great alternative to marble that is costlier than all other natural stone products. When it comes to the appearance of quartzite, it seems like a twin of the marble and doesn’t play second fiddle. Being white in color with a grained texture and no variation, white quartzite is a big substitute for the buyers who can’t afford white marble. Also, marble is only a four on the hardness scale.

S White Quartzite Tile

Quartzite and quartz are not the same

Despite similar-looking names, both quartzite and quartz stone are quite different from each other. Quartzite comes in various colors and it is totally natural. On the other hand, quartz is simply manmade and is less costly than natural stone. If you are thinking of a rough countertop, then durable white quartzite is a better choice.

A cheaper and no expensive option

White quartzite is less costly than marble. Due to huge demand and similar appearance to marble, this stone seems to be available at a higher price tag. These days, a huge increase in its production in various parts of India, this stone can be purchased at a cheaper price tag. With more quarries open in India, it is easy to get better and no expensive option.

Peep into the details of two white quartzite tiles

Quick facts on H. White quartzite

  • H White QuartziteReal name: H. White quartzite
  • Additional Names: Himachal white
  • Color: White
  • Destination of origin: North India
  • Features: Grayish white color with no variation
  • Finishing Surface: Natural, polished, natural + brushed calibrated machine cut
  • Recommended Usage: Commercial and domestic structures

Quick facts on S. White quartzite

  • S White QuartziteReal name: S. White quartzite
  • Additional Names: Snow white
  • Color: White
  • Destination of origin: North India
  • Features: White in color with a grained texture
  • Finishing Surface: Natural, polished, natural + brushed calibrated machine cut
  • Recommended Usage: Commercial and domestic structures

If you look at standard sizes of the stone, you will find 30 x 30 and 60 x 30 cm as common sizes with thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, or 3 cm.

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