Indian Marble blocks availability as per global buyers’ needs

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Green marble blocks at marble quarry in India

Mining is the first stage of marble processing. Marble is a rare and unique material composed of calcium carbonate. Widely used as construction and decorative material, marble is obtained from open and underground quarries as well. With the help of vertical cuts and horizontal cuts, marble quarrying is done by expert stone engineers. B2B marble contractors, companies and resellers demand marble blocks of different sizes for resale. In the article, we will know more about various dimensions of the marble stone blocks and what Indian black sellers and suppliers have in their bags for the global buyers.

Marble blocks: Dimensions at the marble quarry

green marble quarries

Using heavy machinery, rock cutting instruments and rock blasting explosives, quarry engineers and experts get raw marble blocks extracted from marble quarries in India. A giant block has 6 parallel sides. Generally, all blocks are not of the same size when they are extracted from big rocks. When a particular area of marble quarry is blasted, it results in the availability of stone rocks that are termed as rough blocks of giant sizes. Then, these big marble blocks are split into smaller blocks and taken to marble processing units for further treatment.

Marble block rectangle

Broadly, each side of a block is weighed between 6 and 15 tonnes. In terms of the metric dimension, it is somewhere between 2.2 and 3 meters. As far as the width it considered, a block can also be of 1.2 to 1.5 meters. It is also 0.9-1.2 meters in height. When blocks are processed, they can be transformed into a wide variety of sizes and thickness. Whether you need black or green marble block product, India is ready to cater to all sorts of needs.

Processed Marble blocks and Indian block suppliers

It is common that all sizes and thickness vary with every lot. Generally, quarry owners sell rough and unprocessed blocks to factory owners for stone processing purposes. Stones are cut into a rectangular shape to minimize wastage and change the weird shape of the block. Then, customized and rectangular sized block products reach to factories for finishing and polishing.

green marble Block

Block surface finishing: Raw, Rough, Sawn, or rubbing

Block colors: White, black, green, brown, pink, and golden

Block size: Customized as per demand from global buyers.

Port of exit: Kandla, Mundra, JNPT, Cochin, Vizag, Tuticorin, and Chennai

Green marble blocks export

Indian marble blocks are demanded in all corners of the world as they are accurately cut and finished with the help of contemporary tool and techniques. Then, blocks are polished using excellent grade varnish, under expert supervision. Moreover, Indian suppliers of marble blocks supply materials at a reasonable price tag. When it comes to having a block of marble on the basis of specific features, it is an excellent polish, high strength, breakage resistance, long-lasting shine, and fine finish that take things to the next level.

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