Indian Marble: From Perspective of Global Standards and Available Options

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Being one of the world’s top five marble exporters, India caters to increasing demand for quality marbles from all corners of the world. Being a mineral-rich country, India produces high-quality marble products processed at North and South Indian factories. Indian marble slabs and tiles are exported to global consumers under the supervision of stone experts and a certified marble supplier in India. Marble manufacturers and exporters stick to international quality standards to process and produce high-quality Indian marbles. The following content puts light upon Indian marble regulations as per global standards for natural stone; available marble options and a few suggestions to maintain quality.

Green Marble Tiles

Indian standards for marbles IS: 1130-1969 (R2008)

Marble is a regular and overused material for numerous buildings, monuments, and sculptures. There are lots of conventional and non-conventional uses of colorful marble at the global level. Following are the five standards that an ISO-certified marble supplier follows before exporting marble slabs and tiles. These standards include:

Classification: White and colored marbles

Basic requirements: Foreign inclusions and prominent cracks shall not be a part of the stone.

Size: Standard slab length: 70-250 cm; widths 30-100 cm; and thicknesses 20-150 mm.

Physical properties:

  • Moisture absorption (after immersion in cold water) shall be 0.4% max with IS: 1124-1974 testing method.
  • Hardness shall be 3 min with Mohs’ scale testing method.
  • Specific gravity shall be 2.5 min with the IS: 1122-1974 testing method.

Workmanship: The edge of slabs shall be handled with sand, abrasive, honed, polished, or other type finishes.

ISO Certificate

A professional marble slab supplier ensures that marble retailers, wholesalers, construction companies, agencies, and consumers get intact deliveries of marble products. It also sticks to all marble standards passed by Indian natural stone authorities.

Marble options from marble supplier in India

Indian marble colors attract customers to visit websites of marble tile suppliers. There are lots of marble manufacturers in India that deal in marble processing and exporting to the western world. Keeping the changing needs of marble slab consumers and industrial trends in mind, an established supplier puts its emphasis on the factor of variety and quality. With an Indian marble exporter, you can find the following stone options that give a new look to interiors and exteriors:

Bruno White Marble
Rainforest Green Marble
  • Bruno White Marble
  • Fantasy brown marble
  • Forest green marble
  • Green onyx marble
  • Pink marble
  • Pink onyx marble
  • Plain green polished marble
  • Rain Forest Brown marble
  • Rainforest golden marble
  • Rainforest green marble
  • White Onyx marble
Rainforest Green Marble
Fantasy Brown Marble

Marble slab supplier confirms your marble looks timeless

Exporting marble from India is a profitable business. So, an expert marble slab supplier needs to come up with a functional marketing plan. In addition, they need to have a close look at the quality factor.  Marble with a luxurious look is susceptible to staining and damage. So, marble surfaces shall be protected and cleaned in a proper manner. Cleaning of marble is very important to make marble look immaculate. Let’s have a look at some of the ideas suggested by Indian marble experts to make  marble look timeless:

  • First, check out the variety of marbles for the effect of the chemical on the stone.
  • Then, get rid of stains by keeping the protective coating on the stone in mind.
  • Try polishing compound, baking soda, lukewarm water, and cleaned clothes to make the stone look lustrous.
  • Try a regular sandpaper and Carnauba wax for shining the stone.
  • Prefer diamond grit polishing for having a factory-like gloss.

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Whether you are searching for green marble supplier or Bruno white marble supplier in India, stick to quality and industrial standards.