Indian Marble Substitutes to American Vermont Danby Marble

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The United States is the world’s top consumer of dimension stone. It also produces marble and granite after leading natural stone producers like China, India, Brazil, and Turkey. Despite a producer of granite and marble, the U.S. imports almost 90 percent of marble to meet the rising demand for stone in residential and commercial construction. When it comes to choosing one of the popular American marble stone, Vermont Danby marble catches all eyes. This amazing marble promises a warm and classic look. This stone comes with loads of features that make it the first choice for different construction projects. This content puts light on a few cost-effective Indian marble products that can be the right substitute to American Vermont Danby Marble.

Olympian White Danby Marble
Olympian White Danby Marble

American Vermont Danby marble: A stone with a white backdrop

In the American white marble category, Vermont Danby marble is harder and less porous. With a lower absorption rate, this stone product avoids stains perfectly. There are more than 10 varieties of Vermont Danby marble coming from Vermont, New England, USA. These varieties are available in various vein patterns and colors. Although all stone assortments of Danby marble matter the most, yet the following three types make a big difference.

• Eureka Calacatta: This marble type comes with darker gold and gray veins.
• Olympian White: It has gray soft veins with light to medium veins.
• Montclair Danby: It has greenish to gray veins of medium to heavy size.

The United States is blessed with natural marble. From colonial times, the Danby quarry has been quarrying white marble which is suitable for many applications including interior, exterior, residential, and commercial. From the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to the Lincoln Memorial, this stone is used for the most important architectural projects. For Americans, this stone is a beautiful and cost-effective choice for kitchen countertops.

Montclair Danby marble from US
Montclair Danby marble from US

Superb alternatives to American Vermont Danby Marble

Quarried from the land of Rajasthan in India, Indian white marble stone products emerge as a good alternative to expensive Vermont Danby marble from the United States. White marble from India comes in different shapes, sizes, patterns, etc. B2B buyers from all parts of the world prefer to buy white marble in bulk to cater to the needs of their targeted audience.

Have a look at some of the unique chemical and physical properties of Indian white marble that make it fit for use in all residential and commercial projects in the Western world. These include:

Physical properties
• Compressive strength (1800-2100 kg/m3)
• Density (2.5-2.65 kg/m3)
• Hardness (3-4 on Mohs scale)
• Porosity (Low)
• Water absorption (less than 1%)
• Weather impact (fully resistant)

Cloud Grey marble
Cloud grey marble

Chemical properties
• Alumina (2-3%)
• Calcium oxide (1-2%)
• Iron oxide (5-6%)
• Magnesium oxide (34-38%)
• Silica (38-40%)

When it comes to looking at a few white marble options available in India that can replace American Vermont Danby Marble as a viable option, the following marble options can give you an edge. These include:


Indian Statuario Marble

• Backdrop color – White
• Material origin – North India
• Additional names – Statuario White Marble or India Statuario Marble
• Available options – Tiles, countertops, vanity tops, gangsaw, and cutter slabs
• Surface description – White backdrop and uneven lines of grey hues

Marble Gangsaw Slab
Indian Statuario Gangsaw Slab
Cloud Grey marble Slab
Cloud Grey marble Slab

Cloud grey marble

• Backdrop color – White
• Material origin – North India
• Additional names – Temple Gray Marble, Storm Cloud Grey Marble, Cloudy Grey Marble, Grey Cloud Marble, or Green Cream Marble
• Surface description – A white backdrop and light grey veins
• Available options – Tiles, vanity tops, countertops, gangsaw, and cutter slabs

Rajnagar white marble

• Additional names – Agriya Milk White Marble, Rajnagar Agriya White Marble, Agriya White Marble, or PB White Marble
• Available options – Gangsaw and cutter slabs, tiles, countertops, and vanitytops
• Backdrop color – White
• Material origin – North India
• Surface description – A white-hued surface that has dark grey waves

Rajnagar white marble Slab
Rajnagar white marble Slab

As far as all the three marble options over Danby marble are concerned, India caters to the changing needs of white marble lovers in a professional manner. These marble products come with loads of mechanical and chemical properties that make the stone the first choice all. The thing that makes these white marble colors unique is their surface having a white backdrop and interesting grey veins. Fit for a variety of construction projects, these stone entice with their unusual luster, flexibility, and reflection.

Different application areas of the white stone include kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, drawing-room floor, etc. Some of the standard sizes of white marble products in India include cutter slabs (180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm); gangsaw slabs (260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm), tiles (30×30, 30×60, and 60×60 cm) and custom size countertops and vanity tops.

B2B buyers looking for Indian white marble options in place of American Vermont Danby Marble can opt for custom and standard sizes from certified Indian marble suppliers in bulk. Moreover, they can demand any quality and quantity of marble stone in a polished, bush-hammered, lepatora, honed, antique, brushed, or leather finish.