Indian natural marble: A scenario of types, availability, and selling prospects

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Known as a hard metamorphic rock, marble is a natural stone originated in ancient Greece. This crystalline rock has a geological name ‘metamorphosed limestone.’ This stone owns a natural gleam and it has been an integral part of millions of domestic and commercial buildings in all parts of the world for millions of years. Even, the modern world has an inseparable infatuation with the stone. 

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There are many marble producing countries that deal in the selling and supplying of different types of Indian natural marble for multiple applications. When it comes to picking the best marble types, buyers have to rely on the aspects of stone’s genesis, colors, and geographical locations. 

This content helps you understand these aspects with an introduction to Indian marble.  

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Types of marble: Genesis and chemical composition

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There is no dearth of different types of marble available globally on the basis of hues, such as plain white, panther, white-veined, black, pink, brown, green, and gold. As far as various types of Indian natural marble types are concerned, it is easy to classify them on account of their genesis and chemical composition. These include: 

  • Dolomite Marble: This variety consists of more than 20% magnesium carbonate. Primarily found in Rajasthan, this natural stone comes with different textures and colors.
  • Siliceous Limestone: With the presence of high silica, this stone with a fine-grained texture delivers a smooth form. Although this pink marble from Alwar is hard to cut, yet it proffers a gleam after getting polished.
  • Calcite Marble: This marble type has a crystalline limestone range containing the presence of over 5% magnesium carbonate. Generally, it is found in grey, pink, brown, and white hues.
  • Dolomitic Marble: It is also a crystalline array of limestone containing 5-20% magnesium carbonate.
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  • Green or serpentine marble: Having a high serpentine mineral presence, this stone comes with green shades from Rajasthan.
  • Onyx: Ideal for making decorative articles, this almost transparent stone with an opaque crystalline lime carbonate form is highly available in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Travertine Marble: This stone type is translucent and seen as an output of chemical precipitation.

Natural marble from Indian marble suppliers to global buyers

North India (Rajasthan) 

  • Albeta white marble
  • Black marine marble
  • Indian pink marble
  • Mercury and carbon black marble
  • Rain forest green marble
  • Spider green marble
  • Yellow and onyx marble
Albeta White Marble
Carbon Black Marble
Carbon Black Marble

South India (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka)

  • Bruno White marble
  • Green marble
  • Light pink to grey marble
  • Rain forest brown marble
  • Yellow marble
Bruno White Marble
Albeta White Marble
Rainforest Brown Marble
Carbon Black Marble

Buying marble from India promises an edge

There are lots of marble suppliers and manufacturers in all parts of the world. The thing that makes Indian marble different from marble in the rest of the world is competitive prices and rare marble products. From North to South India, there is no dearth of marble dealers, wholesalers, and exporters who are ready to cater to all needs. Following are the reasons why natural marble from Indian offers an edge to buyers:

  • A cost-effective choice with a variety of textures and colors
  • An age-old Indian marble industry
  • Competitive prices and lower costs
  • Different quality levels: standard, commercial and premium
  • Rare marble products shipping in all corners of the world
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It should be noted that the cost of all marble products are not same. It varies from city to city, vendor to vendor, and inventory of the stock. Rare marble products are not easily available. Regatta Universal Exports, one of the globally-recognized marble manufacturers and suppliers, delivers its global clients a wide and exhaustive variety of marble products at a competitive price tag.