Indian Natural stone: Eco-friendly Building Material for Green Lifestyle

Going green is essential for the creation of a sustainable earth that demands lower greenhouse gases, nature conservation, no air pollution, and no global warming. It is possible with the use of recycled products, lowering monthly utility bills, using waste reduction practices that make the globe a perfect place to live in of new generations. Sustainable or green buildings for better life quality is the modern mantra for a green lifestyle and saving the earth’s natural resources from being deteriorated its natural resources. As far as interior and exterior decor and construction are concerned, natural stone matters the most. Natural stones (granite, marble, and quartzite) are truly eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic. That is why natural stone is the first choice as a building material for having a green lifestyle.


Natural stone: Good for construction

There are lots of inherent features of the natural stone that makes it a right building material for the purpose of construction. Let’s have a look at some of the points that go in the favor of this statement:

Long lasting: Natural stone is the building material that lasts forever. Ancient landmarks, such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal, and Machu Picchu, are the perfect example of durability and strength. It is the engineering flexibility of the stone that makes any building stands for centuries.

Sustainable and nontoxic: Natural stones contain no chemicals, plastics, and other harmful substances. They come from the earth in the purest form and are processed into flooring tiles and slabs. They contain no toxic elements.

Pocket-friendly: Generally, people assume natural stone as a precious and expensive stone. These days, there are many stone quarries, stone processing units, and selling units. Now, the stone can be easily availed in all corners of the world. A large number of stone exporters sell granite, marble, or sandstone at competitive prices.

Eco-friendly: Now, stone quarries and processing units are using state-of-the-art technologies to prevent environmental damage. In addition, the processed stone creates fewer CO2 than wood, metal, or concrete.

Recyclable: The recycled form of the natural stone emerges as stone again. Recycling of the stone is not harmful to the earth. Recycled stone can be reused in building construction. You can’t expect the same treatment to plastic products.

Lower maintenance: Natural stone require less care and attention than any other construction materials. You can keep them highly functional with power washing. Regular cleaning and mopping can help you get the stone to withstand for many years.

Consistent: Like timber, iron, or cement, natural stones don’t make you experience any sort of expansion or contraction during a change in seasonal. Under all extreme weather conditions, the stone performs consistently temperature changes.

Green certification: Most of the natural stones come with green certificates as owners of quarries and processing factories follow all government regulations on social responsibility, greenery, and pollution. They use best practices for site maintenance, quarry closure, solid waste management, transportation, water consumption, treatment, and reuse.

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