Indian Rainforest Green Marble for Global Importers

Indian rainforest green marble from the land of desert Rajasthan, India, is a globally-recognized marble stone product. It is demanded by marble importers, construction companies, agents, architects, and direct customers. The reason behind this huge demand is its candid looks and durability. In addition, it is impression of a dense teak forest on the stone that simply steals the show. Thanks to the presence of dark brown veins on the surface for making the stone look positive on various surface of your living space. International buyers flock to India to get this destination-based stone that is unparalleled in beauty, texture, and functionality.

Marble quarries in India

Indian marble processing scenario for global importers

When global importers think of importing marble from India, they look for a clear picture of how things are done. Indian marble manufacturers understand what is needed by marble buyers. That is why they manage the production of rainforest green marble product in the three stages: marble quarrying from mines; marble processing, and marketing and supply of finished marble products. These include:

• A big block is cut into slabs and book matched.
• Two slabs are cut and polished to create mirror images.
• Application of a polyester resin is done to seal naturally-occurred voids.
• Next stages comes in is polishing.
• Arrangement of slabs is exercised to allow a steady flow in pattern.
• Containers carrying a particular load of marble are shipped to the targeted destination.

Green marble processing

It is likely that international buyers find the veining pattern and the base color one shipment of rainforest green little different from the other. It may happen due to the extracting of marble from a particular section.


A close view of rainforest green marble installation

There are multiple applications of marble products within a domestic and commercial ambiance. From floors to walls and from countertops to steps, there are multiple applications of marble tiles, blocks and slabs. There is a famous adage titled ‘Seeing is believing.’ That is why international importers and buyers need to shake hands with certified marble suppliers in India and know how this marble product will look in their living space. Just go through some of the images below for having a virtual tour of stone installation within your domestic ambiance.

Kitchen countertop in green marble

Rainforest green marble installation on kitchen countertop

rainforest green marble vanity

Rainforest green marble installation on bath vanity

Marble floor in a green hue

Rainforest green marble floor installation using high quality polished tiles

Rainforest green marble for fireplaces

Rainforest green marble installation on wall in an excellent finishing and premium look

Stairs made of green marble

Rainforest green marble Stair Cases, steps and risers


Available materials: Rainforest green marble tiles and slabs

We cut and process tiles in calibrated polished finishes in the following sizes:

Green marble gangsaw slab

Gangsaw slabs – 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
Cutter slabs – 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm

Green marble cutter slab

Tiles: 600-800×305-600×10-30mm

Green marble tiles

Keeping the changing needs and preference of rainforest green marble importers in mind, Indian natural stone company Regatta Universal Exports India offers top quality Indian marble blocks, slabs and tiles products in a green hue. For complete product information or sales inquiry, please go through our product gallery or demand an instant quote by filling the form here.

Whether you are searching for customized or standard tiles and slabs of rainforest green marble, we are always ready to extend a helping hand and resolve all your problems and queries amicably.