Slate tiles have been popular globally for their various uses in domestic and commercial construction and décor projects for many decades. Be it the United States or Europe, all buildings were covered with slate products. Interestingly, people in the US used the designing of dates and inscriptions on roofs. But Europeans didn’t go with this trend. Slate roofs and floors are easy to install, repair and maintain. When it comes adding more perfection to domestic architecture with roof tiles, floor tiles and wall tiles, slate tiles in various sizes make a big difference. With this content, all readers will know more about the process of slate tile formation and what Indian slate suppliers have for global buyers interested in purchasing Indian slate stone products. 

Slate tiles

The slate tile formation process for having feature-rich products

Black Slate PackingSlate has been one of the oldest construction materials for centuries. Features like anti-slip, scratch-resistant, and non-combustible make slate a hot product among architects and homeowners. When it comes to interior/exterior designing, this stone provides an eye-pleasing texture to paving, flooring and wall cladding. The slate products that end-users get from slate sellers don’t come as a finished product from slate quarries. So, it is an Indian slate stone tile formation process that makes the stone useful for end users with lots of features. Some steps involved in the process are:

  • Carrying out surveys and sample testing by expert geologists before quarrying.
  • Large flat slate slabs swan from quarries using diamond beaded steel cable.
  • Slate blocks sawn into different sizes at the slate factory.
  • Shaping of smaller slate blocks and splitting into different finishes and thicknesses.
  • Corners of each slate are beveled by a machine to offer edge and exact finished size.
  • Final inspection of slate products and sorting out on the basis of quality.

Slate tiles options from Indian slate suppliers

Indian slate is feature-rich and entices global buyers to Indian slate quarries and factories. When the whole world is rushing to India to have affordable Indian slate products, qualified Indian slate suppliers are ready to cater to all needs of global buyers. With a certified and professional supplier, buyers can have the following top slate tile products in the competitive market. These include:

Black Rustic SlateBlack (rustic) slate – It is a light black-hued natural stone with a consistent texture with rust-like smudges plus grey and black colors stirring all over its surface.

Indian Autumn slate – Known by another name Autumn Mist, Indian Autumn slate stuns with a colorful base of buff beige hue. In addition, bright red and orange spots coupled with tones of grey, charcoal, golden and rosy hues smear the stone surface with variations.

M Green Rustic SlateM Green (rustic) slate –M Green (rustic) slate varies in terms of texture and color. Moreover, the presence of rust-like markings and a light green base on its surface is the USP of this stone tile.

Multicolor Peacock slate – It is also known by Kund Multicolor and Rajah Multicolor and resembling with a peacock feather. In addition, hues of orange, green, buff, yellow, purple, grey and brown on the top are a big surprise.

N green SlateN Green slate – With dark green shades and a uniform texture, N Green slate looks more natural and rustic.

S P Autumn slate – With color palettes and texture, S.P Autumn slate has a grey base with buff and rustic brown smudges.

Yellow slate – Known as Tera Yellow Slate, yellow slate with a beige color base and hints of yellow and green tones is quite an anti-skid surface.

  • Available Yellow Slate Product: Tiles
  • Sizes: 30 X 30, 40 X 40, 60 X 30, 60 X 40, 60 X 60
  • Thickness: 1 – 1.5 cm (1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm & 2 cm)
  • Available Yellow Slate Finishes: Natural split, honed, polished, natural + brushed and honed + sandblasted.
  • Edge Finish: Machine cut edges.

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