Limestone Product Options for Construction Projects

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Building new structures and renovating the existing ones is a regular activity in residential and commercial construction projects. From limestone slabs to tiles and from paving stones to wall cladding stones, limestone comes in various forms. With different limestone colors, B2B buyers can bring more customers to their fold. It is quite clear that India owns big limestone reserves. It is also a big limestone exporter and supplier to the world. India also has hundreds of limestone factories in North India. With ISO-certified limestone suppliers, it is easy to have factory-finished natural stone products in different finishes with edges. With this content, readers will know more about limestone product types and various facts associated with this popular limestone product.

Limnestone flooring tiles

Limestone everywhere around you

From Pyramid of Giza to Ontario’s Kingston City, there have been lots of landmark, architectural buildings and structures known for their beauty, durability, and performance for centuries. Interestingly, these structures are made of limestone. Be it making a new structure or renovating the existing one at homes and offices, limestone products in various colors and sizes matter the most. Today, there are lots of limestone product types such as tiles, tabletops, backsplashes, and pavers. In the construction industry, this stone has various uses, including:

  • Indoor – Countertops, worktops, fireplace hearths, mantles, and fireplaces, kitchen hood, sinks, and bathroom wall panels
  • Outdoor – Wall cladding, paving, pool coping, fountains, patio, and natural landscaping
Kota-Blue-Limestone -Polished-Flooring

Limestone physical properties

Compressive Strength: 1800 to 2100 Kg/cm2

Density: 2.5-2.65 Kg/m3

Hardness: 3-4 rating on the Mohs scale

Porosity: Low

Water Absorption: Below 1%

Weather Impact: High resistance


Limestone chemical properties

Alumina (Al2O3): 2-4%

Lime (CaO): 38-42%

Loss on Ignition (LOI): 30-32%

Mg & Na: 1.5-2.5%

Silica (SiO2): 20-25%

Lime stone product types for construction projects

It is a basic need to upgrade indoor and outdoor structures so that living spaces around you can be spruced up. With different limestone colors, it is easy to elevate existing and new construction projects. Limestone makes a real difference when it comes to style, look, and performance. As far as the cost of a natural stone product is concerned, limestone beats all other stone products in terms of cost-effectiveness. Interestingly, Indian limestone suppliers offer quality products at competitive prices.

Be it a green, black, pink, or grey color, limestone colors stun natural stone enthusiasts innately. In various sizes and finishes, this stone redefines the wall and floor architecture. With finishes like natural + brushed calibrated hand-cut (HC) and machine cut (MC); natural calibrated HC and MC tumbled; semi-honed and semi-brushed calibrated HC and machine cut MC tumbled; and honed calibrated HC and machine cut MC tumbled, Indian limestone suppliers offer a variety of quality limestone product types in different sizes.

In the competitive market, B2B buyers can expect large square tiles and rectangle tiles. Being hard and durable, these tiles are fit for interior and exterior applications. In the category of stone articles, buyers can also buy tabletops, veneers, pavers, and many more.  

Lime black table top
100 cm lime black table top
  • Limestone tiles: 30×30, 30×60, 60×60 and 60x90cm with thickness 1-3 cm.
  • Limestone tabletops: 100 cm and 30 cm diameter with 2 cm thickness       
Polished lime black tile

We can’t expect the perfection of domestic and commercial living structures without architecture excellence and beauty. That is why limestone becomes a central attraction. Quarried from giant-sized north Indian limestone quarries, limestone blocks are used to split into slabs and tiles. At natural stone factories, big blocks are processed by stone experts as per the changing needs of limestone product enthusiasts. This natural stone product is great for all sorts of construction projects as it boldly withstands extreme weather conditions. That is why this industrial construction material is widely demanded by B2B buyers from all corners of the world. The most common use of this stone type is floor tiles, but it is also suitable for wall cladding and countertops. The thing that makes the stone the first choice of all is its ability to deliver a bucolic, simple, and abiding look to everything around.

B2B buyers can get a competitive edge if they get in touch with ISO-certified limestone companies that deal with the selling and supplying of quality stone products professionally.