How to Maintain Marble Features Inside and Outside the Home

The so-called “Royal Stone” is undoubtedly one of the best natural stones for interior and exterior designing. It comes in various eye-pleasing shades with beautiful surface patterns like waves and streaks that simply boost its natural looks. For this reason, it is used for a plethora of installations inside and outside homes with marble stone flooring being the most popular one.

Sadly, not all parts of the world are bestowed with reserves of this naturally occurring stone. Only a few countries possess marble quarries and are engaged in manufacturing and export of marble products to other nations. Luckily, India is one of those few nations, listed among the top five countries that contributes to around three-fourth of world’s total marble production. Not only this, Indian marble is highly admired for its superior quality.

Well, you cannot doubt about the quality of Indian marble. And, no other example would be better than the Taj Mahal – the Seven Wonders of the World – to do away with all your doubts regarding fineness of this Indian natural stone. Yes, the marble to build this architectural marvel came from the Makrana region of Rajasthan, an Indian state.

In fact, Rajasthan has maximum marble reserves and it is home to maximum number of marble factories and marble processing plants in India. Indian marble comes in various shades; ranging from white, brown and green to pink and gold. Popular varieties of Indian marble are Bruno White marble stone, Fantasy Brown marble, Forest Green marble and Pink marble.

Let’s discuss how and where marble can be used to grace either interiors or exteriors. Indoors, marble is considered a wonderful dimension stone for a bevy of installations, such as marble flooring, marble kitchen countertops, marble vanity tops, marble table tops, interior wall cladding and many more. When it comes to exterior designing, it is profusely used to create various outdoor structures like marble statues, marble art pieces, marble sculptures, marble patio flooring and marble furniture.

The enticing natural looks subtly blends with the exterior surrounding; be it front yard, backyard, park or garden. However, while installing marble products inside or outside a property, one thing should be borne in mind that marble is a royal stone, and needs some extra care and maintenance. It is a bit delicate and porous too. So, choosing just the right marble for an outdoor installation is somewhat tricky. Even within homes, if you are planning to install marble at a place that frequently comes in contact with water, you have to make a thoughtful choice.

For outdoors, try selecting a marble color, which is dark or if light, it should have dark, dense and highly dynamic surface patterns. Also, a bit textured marble surface would be just perfect. All these prevent marble features like marble flooring from environmental factors like the sun, dust, moisture and natural wear and tear. Moreover, choose bigger marble tiles as this can make the space of installation to appear bigger than normal.

Inside homes, you can prevent marble from moisture and seepage by sealing the marble countertop or floor. This has to be done after regular intervals, depending on the usage of the installation. Marble sealing acts as a first of line defense, which not only prevents it from moisture, but also from scratches and dirt. While sealing marble, always try using a marble-friendly sealant, which you can find at your nearby hardware store.

Apart from all these, you can take good care of your marble features by regularly cleaning the marble with duster and at times, with water and a mild detergent with low pH. This will prevent marble from being etched and discoloration. Thus, with little care and maintenance you can preserve the integrity of your natural marble stone as well as ensure its new looks and long life.

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