Marble Countertops – Are they still in demand?

January 28, 2023 Admin

Since the introduction of granite countertops in the architecture industry, it has become the top-most choice of natural stone fabricators and architects worldwide. But what if a customer asks for a marble countertop? Depending on the exact location and target customers, many stone fabricators are still searching for buyers of marble countertops for different reasons.

And after really outlining the possible problems marble presents to folks who can’t tolerate typical wear-and-tear, these shops are cutting and installing them. Making sure clients are aware of what they are getting before completing the deal is the actual key to success. The stone could require a bit extra tender loving care in the store.

Putting It Down

The use of marble in kitchens is not seeing much traction these days. Several architects have reported a spotty demand for marble countertops. In regard to the USA, the eastern part of the country seems less interested in marble while areas like Texas and California are still demanding it. Most dealers have reported that marble attributes to nearly 1% sales of their total countertops.

It is also seen that those who decided to go with marble countertops were mainly persuaded by home décor magazines. However, the sellers also believe that marble countertops must be promoted. It is usually seen that architects and homeowners are not much comfortable with marble as they are with granite.

Marble Kitchen Countertop

Below are some other aspects of marble countertops that are worth considering:

Green Marble Kitchen Countertop

Easy and striking appearance

Whatever the reason consumers fall head over heels for marble kitchen worktops, their main objective is typically the same: they desire the appearance that marble can only provide. For the most part, that entails selecting one of the white marbles.

While white marble is in heavy demand, there are several other variants to choose from spider green to rainforest golden, and even onyx marble. It also means that there are marbles with warmer color tones than granite.


There are many reasons to enjoy marble countertops because of their warm feel and rich earth tones, at least when compared to granite. But the narrative isn’t over there. And those who market marble for kitchens claim that the process frequently falters when it comes to conveying the remainder of the tale.

Here comes the maintenance part. No matter how much care countertop installers take during the process, sometimes marble countertops get a stain or scratch which makes people upset. Despite knowing this aspect of marble, they stay reluctant to use of marble. Marble is not as versatile and easy-handling as granite is.

Not that every person purchasing marble will have a negative experience. Fabricators undoubtedly have other choices besides discouraging potential customers from purchasing marble. One is to market the item as honed as opposed to polished.

White marble countertops

Careful Handling

While there are certain disadvantages to buying marble countertops, fabricators and installers discover that the material has its own problems when it is transported from the slab to the kitchen.

The majority of people now likely have greater experience dealing with granite, so that may account for some of it, but the truth is that not all marbles are made equal. Based on how much care must be taken during production, the Marble Institute of America divides marbles into four categories.

The categorization is not intended as a criticism of the marble. Very little, if any, more work is needed to get an “A” than it is to get a nice, firm granite. A “D” substance, on the other hand, is often quite dramatic and has a lot of veining, occlusions, and banding. These materials will require some gluing, adhering, and refinishing because they occasionally have a tendency to break or expose dry seams.

The general consensus is that marble should construct more rapidly than granite since it is a softer stone, however marbles may not always function as well with modern machinery.

Stone fabricators use a router to create some of the edges that the homeowners need. The procedure takes much longer.

Granite is more forgiving than marble. The moment two pieces collide, they begin to chip. With some edges, it’s the same. If you’re creating a double ogee, it can chip at the 90° point since it’s not as robust and durable as granite.

Despite these difficulties, stores must be ready to work on marble for kitchens or risk losing that clientele to a competitor. This is because forecasts indicate that more customers will demand it in the future.

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