Marble exporters, win the trust of marble buyers by overcoming their expectations!

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A B2B buyer purchases marble products from a certified marble supplier or exporter when they fulfill its business needs directly. A B2B buyer reaches to any particular marble exporter through magazines, books, newspapers, internet, word of mouth, friends, relatives, social circle, etc. No matter what channel a buyer prefers to make a purchase, the prime things are lots of issues and problems raised and faced by buyers while thinking of marble buying from India, China, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, or any other country in the world. These issues can be petty or serious. The main thing is solving their genuine problems and issues in a way that makes them feel comfortable and induces the credibility of the buyer. With the content, all readers will be able to know more about the solutions to the issues and problems associated with marble buying. Check out the things from the perspective of a professional marble exporter.

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Marble buying issues fixed by marble exporters

Marble exporters are the people, agencies or organizations involved in the process of selling marble products to global B2B buyers in all parts of the world. Some exporters are not manufacturers and they get processed stone products from other resources involved in the supply chain. Some exporters with their own marble processing units also export stone products to lots of countries via shipping. Broadly speaking, a professional marble exporter gives priority to the factors of profit maximization, a big customer base, repetitive customers, and entering new markets. To do so, it is vital to resolve out all issues and improve the customer satisfaction level. Let’s have a look at some of the issues and possible solutions that can help buyers make a sensible decision in the least amount of time.

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Do all marble exporters offer the best price?

There is a universal truth that sellers always try to make money and buyers focus on save money. The problem of best price lies in the fact that a buyer’s best price is seldom the seller’s best price. Basically, it is the game of price negotiation that takes both marble buyers and sellers (exporters) to a place where both feel they are getting what they need. Generally, there are three price levels concerning the sellers’ approach to price negotiations. These include:

Wish or rack rate – The rate the seller wishes he/she could get.

Optimal or balanced rate – The rate where both the seller and the buyer is getting the best value.

Walk away (wow) or low rate – The price that the seller will not accept under any circumstance.

An exporter will be able to make the most out of the business deal if it leaves room for negotiation within their price structure.

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Quality stones with consistency

B2B buyers, especially Americans, give priority to the quality of the products, product consistency, and customer service. Quality is the biggest factor that helps in making a decision. At the portal owned by a unique marble exporter, it is easy to find out premium or commercial quality products. If you are purchasing online, it is hard to evaluate the quality of marble products, especially sitting at home. So, the best way is to go by authentic reports and laboratory tests issued by certified institutes. These lab tests include:

  • Water absorption test and dimension test
  • Mohs scale hardness test and chemical resistance test
  • Specific gravity test and porosity test
  • Modulus rapture test, frost resistance test, and thermal shock test

Another thing that exporters can take into consideration is the product consistency and customer service. The product mix refers to all marble product varieties in terms of color, size, design, pattern, and features.

  • Product mix depth – Marble products in varying sizes or SKUs as stock on the market shelves
  • Product mix length – The total number of products within the product lines
  • Product mix consistency – It is concerned with product lines and how they interrelate with the other aspects of the business

Checking of production quality while it is being produced helps exporters win the confidence of buyers. Marble buying firms in the US or any other country are convinced when a team of quality experts sticks to real time scenario which is possible only with flawless customer service.

Breach of trust?

Once a buyer is ready to purchase the stone, it is up to marble exporters how they take things ahead. If buyers are online, they will certainly like to try a factory visit. If not, exporters need to send images and videos of marble processing factories. Trust induces when an exporter of marble get balanced and right answers to all queries raised by marble buyers. That is why buyers want accurate information on timely delivery of the shipment, hassle-free communication, and timely updated and notifications. Buyers also give equal importance to factors directly associated with marble exporters. These include:

  • Lack of interpersonal skills
  • Lack of online presence
  • Expense cost of B2B portals
  • Lack of knowledge of international trade
  • Lack of credit terms
  • Protection against loss

Serious consideration of these three big aspects can bring drastic changes in the sales’ figure of a global marble exporter. Hence, sticking to all these factors seriously can be a win-win situation for both the exporter and the buyer equally.

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