Merits and Demerits of White Marble Countertops

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The use of marble in architecture is nothing new as it has been a material of choce for many architects and construction companies worldwide. Thanks for its stunning beauty, hardness, and durability, marble outperforms all its countertops to great extent. Though marble comes in various colors, white marble has its own magic that lures everyone around. Take example of the majestic Taj Mahal, the iconic architectural wonder standing tall in India. Similarly, there are lots of marble structures beautifying the world amazingly all across the world.

Not only does marble stone is used for wall cladding, flooring, and other external architectural applications, marble countertops are also very common. In terms of beauty and aesthetics, marble countertops look wonderful but they may also has some negatives associated with them. In the following post, you will get to know everything about white marble countertops, their pros and cons.

Some facts about white marble

  • White marble is thought to provide potent soothing and anchoring metaphysical properties. It offers power over impulse control and mental mastery. It strengthens tranquility’s abilities.
  • Because of its balanced properties, white marble is frequently utilised in the disciplines of naturopathy and homoeopathy as a cleaning stone.
  • It is said that white marble with a bright and dark pattern has added capacity to link with mental and intellectual states of mind and knowledge.

In recent times, the use of white marble has increased a lot despite the presence of both advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

Panda White Marble

What does marble veining mean?

The non-white streaks and spots in marble are known as veining. Like the majority of natural stones, marble is quarried. Every quarry operates under unique circumstances. The type of veining will depend on the makeup of the quarry.

It proceeds as follows.

Minerals are deposited by water, which eventually evaporates, leaving traces of those minerals in the stone. It results in the veining phenomena, which resembles tree branches. Although veining is lovely, it does provide a number of difficulties for designers. Soon, we’ll look into this topic in more detail.

Pros of White Marble Countertops

First, we will talk about the pros of using white marble countertops in a kitchen.

Unmatched beauty

This is undoubtedly the first and foremost benefit of using white marble countertops. First, it is marble and then it is of white color which carries a natural tendency to It’s a gorgeous material that screams elegance and quality. White marble also combines well with numerous kitchen themes. From contemporary to classic, it has the potential to mix in with just about everything.

Better value than granite

Granite has seen a popularity fall more extreme than any other countertop material. White marble countertops have taken a dip as well but they haven’t fared as poorly as granite. As such, you may anticipate marble to perform better than granite as far as enhancing your home’s market value.

Distinctive look

Marble is by no means an uncommon stone. The exact same stone cannot be found twice, though. For house owners who enjoy owning unique items, this is a benefit.

Cons of White Marble Countertops

Now, after discussing the pros of white marble countertops, it’s time to look at the cons of using them.

Marble is expensive

You definitely don’t want to cut corners on your white marble countertops, as was previously discussed. Where two pieces of white stone come together in less expensive kinds, the veining frequently does not match up. This destroys the appearance of your kitchen countertops and drives up the price of designs like marble worktops.

White marble countertops

Constant sealing is required

The requirement for frequent resealing is arguably the biggest annoyance that white marble worktops in the kitchen provide. If you don’t frequently reseal white marble, it will discolour like many other types of natural stone. You might have to reseal it four times a year, depending on the condition of the stone. Both monetarily and in terms of your time, that adds up.

Heavy maintenance is needed

Correct upkeep and attention must be given to marble. Marble should never be subjected to acid since it will lose its lustre. Throughout time, marble should be frequently polished to give it a fresh appearance. If the right safeguards are not followed, the stone becomes yellow.

Careful installation

Because marble is so heavy, it takes a lot of labour to carry it. Only really skilled builders are capable of installing design infills into marble floors.

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