There has been an argument of superiority between the natural marble and faux marble stone for many years. Both stone types have their pros and cons. Natural marble boasts of the factors of durability and qualitative perfection. On the contrary, faux marble is favored due to its glossy looks and lower costs. Every buyer has some reasons to buy natural or artificial marble. With this content, all readers will be able to know why natural marble stone has a clear edge over man-made marble.

Rainforest Green Marble Kitchen Countertop

Natural marble: An edge over artificial stones

When we talk about man vs nature, it indicates the difference between a real product and an artificial product. Nature made everything as per its process and plan. Men makeartificial stone products that are available around. Nature produces everything for a reason. Men produce lots of things for satiating their basic and commercial needs.

Generally, a large number of marble buyers like to place an order for natural marble tiles and countertops as calcite natural marble which is formed millions of years ago. On the other hand, cultured marble or faux is man-made and it is developed as a combination of liquid polymer resin, colors, and marble dust. The veined effect on the stone surface is created using dye and the stone is left to get hardened. Finally, it is a matte gel coating that is applied to make the stone look good. Interestingly, the gel coating over the surface makes the stone non-porousto some extent. Artificial or engineered marble is just a mimic of natural marble, not the real one. Let checkout what are some common disadvantages of using faux marble and why nature always beats manmade stone. These include:

  • The plastic appearance of artificial marble due to synthetic polymer
  • Faux marble is not as hard as natural marble stone
  • Artificial marble is pretty much impossible to repair
  • Artificial marble poses health risks due to the issue of silicosis
  • Consistently less resistant to stress and heat
black marine marble gangsaw sizes

Natural marble vs man-made marble: Expert opinion

Interior designer Ruthie Staalsen

“There is nothing like the real deal when it comes to marble countertops. You can’t make a natural element look or feel real. Marble is cold to the touch and no faux marble can resemble the true gorgeousness the earth creates.”

Interior design firm owner Traci Connell

“Especially in the kitchen and bathroom, many customers want the look and feel of real stone. Often it stems from extensive travels within Europe and having fallen in love with marble which has been used there for centuries. These are clients that “live hard” in their homes and don’t mind the imperfections created by etching or staining… it just reflects real life. Others are empty nesters and feel that they can now have the time to maintain luxury materials without worry about kids or mess makers.”

Interior designer Julian House

“Nothing beats the translucent beauty of natural marble in terms of veining, color and how it feels to the touch. Marble always feels cooler than the surrounding surfaces. People will naturally reach out and touch marble to confirm. Don’t forget the patina or (satiny finish) that occurs from repeated use that adds to the beauty of real marble. Faux finish may be great for photos but it pales in comparison to the beauty and durability of real marble.”

Luxury interior designer Charmaine Wynter

“Each marble slab provides an elegance and beauty unique unto itself, as real marble will become more distinct through aging and usage. This unique aspect of genuine marble is what gives it the bespoke highly individualized identity so sought after. Genuine marble has a patina that cannot be rivaled; it can only be likened to masterworks of art.”

Albeta marble tile products

India as a global natural marble hub for B2B buyers

Without a doubt, India is a great natural marble hub for B2B buyers from all corners of the world. Indian natural stone marble products are quite different from man-made marble materials. Man-made products are simply an imitation of the appearance of natural materials with controlled quality. Such products emerge as better decorating options. On the other hand, a natural marble having factors of innate beauty, natural defects, and colors stuns with the coincidence quality. It is known that men can’t beat nature but can mimic the outer appearance of natural marble. The following are some of the popular types of natural marble available in the competitive market in India. These include:

  • Black marble – Carbon black, mercury black, and black marine marble
  • Brown marble – Fantasy brown marble
  • Green marble – Spider green, plain green, and forest green marble
  • Pink marble – Pink onyx and pink marble
  • Veining marble – Rainforest golden green, and brown marble
  • White marble –Albeta white, Markrana white, bruno white, and white onyx marble

When it comes to buying marble from the Indian market, ISO-certified marble suppliers ensure the availability of top quality, bulk quantity, competitive cost, and natural perfection. Expect the following standard natural marble product sizes:

  • Tiles – 30x30cm, 30.5×30.5cm, 30x60cm, 40x40cm, 45x45cm, 60x60cm and 61x61cm
  • Gangsaw slabs – 260x160cm up in 2 and 3cm
  • Cutter slabs – 180x60cm up in 2 and 3cm
  • Marble blocks – 300-320×140-165×160-205 and weight 23-29 tons

Wrapping up: Natural marble vs faux marble

All construction project needs are not the same, so are preferences of marble buyers. Colorful natural stone marble 

products. B2B buyers deal in both stone types for their commercial reasons. Homeowners have their interests and budgetary constraints that affect their marble buying decisions. Undoubtedly, natural stone offers the best output if the cost is not a big factor. In the Indian marble industry, all B2B buyers can have high-quality natural marble stone at a competitive price in bulk.

Certified and qualified Indian marble suppliers allow B2B global buyers to get coincidence quality (high marble) from Indian marble quarries. In various standard and custom sizes, Indian marble suppliers cater to the needs of buyers in all parts of the world.


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