Natural stone cobbles for beautiful paved surface that turns heads

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Cobblestone pavers have been around us for many decades as the oldest paving materials. Almost all countries of the world prefer to use these decorative stones for having a highly functional and exquisite flooring option for paving, pathways or gardening purposes. The word natural stone cobbles have been derived from the English word “cob” that stands for a bit lumpy or round.

Widely used today as a construction material for landscaping, colorful cobbles are a great option for giving all domestic, commercial, and public spaces a vivid look. Primarily, there are granite and sandstone available as popular cobblestones, but you can also expect natural stone cobbles in other stone types available in the competitive market.

Sandstone Cobble Pavers Sizes and Application

If you are looking for a construction material that easily makes heads turn for your next landscaping, driveway or gardening projects, prioritize cobblestone pavers as a first-rate paving solution. No matter you are opting for a Victorian-inspired driveway or a modern theme, cobblestones emerge as the toughest material. They are equally useful for creating patios, pool decks, viewing decks, garden paths, balconies, steps, terraces, and walkways. Quite suitable for commercial and residential applications, cobblestones can conveniently bear light to heavy loads for years to come.

  • Available shapes: Round, square, octagonal, oval, and rectangle.
  • Available colors: Green, red, gray, black, yellow, terra cotta, tan, pink, and many others.
  • Available patterns: Running bond, herringbone, circle fan, and basket weave.

Being tough and skid-free, stone cobbles delivers 100% protection to pedestrians and vehicles. Indeed, natural cobblestones can be utilized for dozens of applications. It is not restricted to paving and landscaping projects, it is a suitable material for garnering buildings, walls, and fireplace hearths. If you prefer to have high-quality natural cobbles stone articles, a certified natural cobbles stone manufacturer from India can give you an edge.

Natural Finish Cobbles

Natural stone cobbles for an old world charm

One of the most important aspects of hard cobbles is their natural ability to endure heavy traffic for years, decades and centuries. That is the prime reason why they have been a part and parcel of many historic cities. You can opt for silver setts, weathered cobbles, smooth face cobbles, and European cobbles for having a driveway that is easy to repair, durable, and stain-resistant. This stone gives you an edge as it is special for drafting beautiful patterns and designs in the least amount of time.

A Glimpse on Natural Stone Cobbles Installation

You have decided to bring home quality natural stone cobbles and use them for the decoration and construction purpose. Now, it is high time to have a close look at the cobble installation process. It starts with the excavation work. First of all, dig up the desired area to a fitting depth. For this, you need to keep in mind the aspects of to-be-used materials, sand bedding, and base material. Next, compact your sub-base after digging a trench. Backfill it with base material in the following dimensions:
•    3-4 inches deep – for foot traffic
•    6-8 inches deep – for light vehicle
•    8-12 inches deep – for heavy vehicle traffic
•    Make sure, you use a tamping machine to make the area compact to 95% density.
Sand Bedding: It is concerned with the making of concrete sand evenly layered. It will be good if you can go for a 1-2 inches layer.
Edge Restraints: Stone experts recommend using edge restraints as they are found in the form of wooden, plastic, concrete, etc.
Install cobblestone pavers and fill the joints come last in the process of cobblestone installation.

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