Onyx Marble – A True Epitome of architectural beauty and functionality

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Onyx marble is always a popular natural stone for a number of reasons like its rarity, color, and brilliance. It is a semi-precious natural stone made up of contrasting parallel bars of color. This stone has been in use for a long time and was used as a sign of high social position by the Romans and Greeks. One of the widely expensive and exclusive semiprecious stones is onyx white marble.

A fascinating quality of onyx is its absence of opacity. Because it is more luminous than marble, it is a great material for artistic or lighting applications, such as a backlit wall or exterior that accentuates the patterns.

Onyx Marble Applications

Onyx Marble is available in a wide range of hues and dimensions. Numerous uses for these stones exist, including wall cladding. They may change and improve your property’s overall appearance! Their ability to reflect light makes them ideal choices for wall panels, floors, and worktops, instantly adding a touch of style and grace to your home. One of the most well-liked and fashionable uses for onyx right now is table tops! A variety of Onyx surface textures and patterns are available to match the other elements of your home’s design.

Onyx Marble Types

Onyx marble comes in a range of hues and textures. It is a highly sought-after natural stone both in India and internationally. Among other locations, you may find this magnificent stone in flooring, hotel lobbies, and shopping centers. Let’s now discuss the several varieties of onyx marble stones:

White Onyx Stone: This stunning white stone contains micro-crystalline quartz that is found naturally. Onyx white marble has a striking aspect because of the veins of grey and gold color. Both home and commercial uses are possible. However, countertops and floors make up the majority of its uses.

Blue Onyx – The natural stone known as “blue onyx marble” has a regal appearance. Its ornamental component makes it useful both at home and at business. This stone is structurally robust and has a smooth surface.

Yellow Onyx Marble – This exquisite onyx marble is a naturally occurring gift. Its texture is yellowish and onyx-like with a characteristic golden tinge. It is majorly used to produce unique themes and forms. It is easy to set up and preserve this onyx marble.

Pink Onyx – Pink Onyx Marble is sometimes referred to as Lady Onyx Pink Marble. The white base’s veining is pink and green. This marble will enhance the appeal of both your interiors and exteriors with its charming light-colored, pinkish look.

Green Onyx – The smooth texture of green onyx marble provides your design area with an air of royalty and extravagance. The attractive qualities of this stone will enhance the architecture of your structure. There are gorgeous green waves on this stone. Due to its low absorption capability, it is suitable for outdoor décor.

Black Onyx Marble – Black onyx marble is used in a variety of applications and has a beautiful black hue. It has a distinct appearance and may be used for sinks, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, and wall cladding.

The Conclusion

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