Peacock Multicolor Slate: An Introduction to Earthly Beauty

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There are lots of natural stone types that people use for completing and making over their commercial and residential construction projects. As a natural stone, slate is a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. When it comes to having a construction material that is inherently earth-friendly and loaded with sustainable attributes, slate stone from Indian quarries makes a big difference. Be it an interior or an exterior décor need, the earthy beauty of the stone product steals the show. With this content, readers will know more about peacock multicolor slate tile products from Rajasthan in India. Also, read about the unique features of the stone product that make the stone the first choice of all.

Multicolor Peacock Ledgestone Supplier
Multicolor Peacock Slate Ledgestone

Peacock Multicolor Slate: Unique features

Made of principal minerals like mica, chlorite, and quartz, slate tiles are the perfect combination of vibrant colors and exclusive texture. When it comes to measuring the level of hardness and performance, slate is as hard as marble and limestone. But the slate stone is not as hard as granite or natural quartz. With features like softness, durability, and heat resistance, slate emerges as a superb option for garnering indoor and outdoor structures. Peacock multicolor slate is a perfect slate product coming from the land of the desert: Rajasthan. This slate tile is also a superb stone choice for having a non-slippery, cleft, and hard surface in outdoor spaces. Have a look at some of the features that make this multicolor slate product a part and parcel of your construction strategy.

• Color: Multicolor
• Material origin: Rajasthan, North India
• Additional name: Multicolor stone
• Nature: Soft, durable, and heat-resistant
• Surface description: Vibrant shades of red, green, buff, yellow, orange, purple, grey, and brown
• Application area: Wall-coverings, flooring, and paving

Multicolor Peacock slate tiles suppliers
Multicolor Peacock Slate Tiles
Natural cleft slate
Natural Cleft Wet Multicolor Peacock

Tile sizes and finishes for Indian slate

With a unique mix of colors like red, green, buff, yellow, orange, purple, grey, and brown, this stone product reminds onlookers of a peacock feather. This multicolor peacock slate is also known for its medium-level density. That is why this stone product is suitable for the floor that bears the weight of low to medium traffic. However, its interior and exterior applications are equally remarkable. Check out the most common size and finish of this slate product available in the Indian slate market. These include:

• Tile sizes: 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 30 and 60 x 60 cm with thickness 1-1.5 cm
• Tile finishes: Natural calibrated machine cut (MC) edges in 1, 1.2, and 1.5cm and natural both side MC edges in 1-1.5cm

Multicolor Peacock slate tiles suppliers
Multicolor Slate Tiles from India

B2b buyers need to understand that many slate suppliers from India don’t take order that is less than a minimum order quantity of one full container load. They do so as it is not feasible for their business prospects. Interestingly, both standard and customized state tiles are less expensive than engineered ceramic tiles.

Gauged and ungauged tiles are the most popular slate categories. Some B2B buyers also categorize slate stone in large slate tiles and small slate tile options. You can also distinguish slate tiles based on indoor and outdoor stone tiles. B2B buyers need to buy this unique tile product from a certified slate supplier, manufacturer, and exporter from India. Remember that such a qualified slate understands the exact business needs of its clientele and offers high-quality slate products at competitive prices. Indian slate suppliers offer top-quality and zero-defect multicolor peacock slate stones in more than 60 countries of the world.