Thickness30-100 CM
FinishHoned, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted

Indian Stone Artifacts and Ornamental Stone Articles

In most countries, artifacts ornaments have had their mentioning in the traditional epic stories and ancient architecture. The art of making artifacts is very old and ornamental stone articles make ambiance around look stylish. When placed at a special place at home, office or hotel, stone articles make viewers feel a big change.

  • Artifact types: Religious and celebrity statues, pottery, and décor ornaments
  • Stone ball artifact size: 30 cms dia to 100 cms dia
  • Stone ball artifact finishes: Honed, sandblasted and bushhammered
  • Available colors: White, pink, grey, beige, mint, brown, and red

Artifacts with exotic styles have made their way into the hands of individuals, various collectors, museums, hotels, and homes. Unique and enticing figures, adornments, and crafts redefine imagination. These artifacts are becoming common in most homes, bringing art into regular household items.

Regatta Universal Exports offers B2B buyers high-quality, handmade artifacts made from Indian natural stones: Granite, sandstone, marble, and quartzite. Call today for the samples!

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