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In most countries, artifacts ornaments are made with a strong cultural base and resemble with the traditional, epic stories and ancient architecture of the land. The heritage of each period in history has contributed to the art in making artifacts ornamental much beautiful and attractive. Every era has made its mark in turning the value of items to priceless possessions making them a treasure to behold. When placed at a special place in home, office or hotel, the viewers can feel some changes in the surroundings. In addition, artifacts offers an exceptional touch of ethnicity.

Artifacts’ ornamental products

Religious statues
Celebrity statues
Décor ornaments

Every individual has a sense of latent art and creativity that gives a vision when he or she lays eye on a particular artifacts that catches his fancy. Artifacts with such exotic style has made their way into the hands of such individuals, various collectors, museums, hotels and homes. Each item has a secret of its own that would be preserved by its art.

Contemporary style of Indian stone artifacts has a mark of its own. Each available design has different perspective of the beholder. Unique and enticing figures, interestingly shaped adornments and various other crafts bring out the imagination of the owner. Today, artifacts are taking a new direction which is an amalgamation of the past and the present; a merger of both traditional culture and modern art, like a designed glass table with two majestic chiseled stone lions for stands. These artifacts are becoming common in most homes, bringing art into regular household items.

Regatta Universal Exports has merged among the serious manufacturers and suppliers of artifacts in the international market places. High quality artifacts can be availed only from the exporters of artifacts ornamental in India.

Artifacts are created from Indian natural stones. Thus, the artifacts can be made of Granite, Sandstone, Marble, and Quartzite. Call today for the samples!

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