Stone Bird Bath Articles for Sale

A birdbath is a pedestal of about 3 to 4 feet tall with a shallow stone carved bowl at the center to hold water. The architecture of a bird bath article is designed in a way that a bird can feed and bath easily on the bowl-shaped structure. The stone bird bath is available in marble, granite and many forms crafted from the Indian natural stone. Bird baths are available in circular, rectangular and designed pedestals. These structures can be placed inside the room, cabin, and shops for decorative purposes and designing.

  • Birdbath styles: Hanging, wall-mounted, one-piece standing, two-piece standing, over-the-railing, man-made, and naturally built
  • Birdbath types: Shallow, rough bottom, drippy and sprinkle
  • Size: Customized

The stone bird bath bowl is kept above the pillar or pedestal. The bowl’s shallow structure in the center allows water to stay inside. The bowl has a smooth finish and few rough edges for the grip. The bowl placed on the pedestal is affixed or carved from one stone piece. The strong base assures that the birdbath is sitting stable and sturdy on the ground.  It is a great view when birds come to take a bath in the water. It’s a feast for the eyes to watch the different birds getting together and sharing the bird bath for taking bath.

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