Autumn Brown block stepsAutumn Brown block steps

Block stone steps: An introduction

Block steps are ladder constructed using natural blocks of stones. Traditionally stone blocks have been used in the hillsides and slopes for easy climbing by pedestrians and to prevent soil erosion. But recently, these landscape block steps stones have been used as an ornamental tool in landscaping and can add more beauty to the garden and pavements.

The stone block steps are usually constructed with naturally occurring sandstones. It’s a native color and rough texture takes aesthetic senses to great heights. Sandstones are the reliable Indian natural stone popular for their anti-slip properties. The advantage of decorating the landscape, garden and climbing area with block steps is that it is easy to install and can be easily removed when not needed.

These staircases can either be exposed or be covered with dropping flowers or hanging gardens to add more beauty to its landscaping. These stone articles are easy to maintain and can be easily washed. Stone block steps are 100% permeable to water and easily dries off and prevent falls and accidents during rainy and damp weather.

Supplier in India

Block Steps Stone can be ordered from Regatta Universal Exports in India. The supplier of Sandstone Block steps in India has exported several consignments on time to the countries like USA, UK, Australia, Middle, and Africa. It is a customer-centric company that focuses much on customer satisfaction. To exceed the customers’ expectations, the company provides quality block steps at competitive prices.

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