Dry Dholpur Beige tilesDry Dholpur Beige

Dholpur Beige is attractive sandstone of buff white color with even grain size. Veins of purple color on its surface enhance its looks, but are only visible when the stone is wet. Its resistance towards, acids, alkalis and extreme weather conditions make it apt for both outdoor and indoor applications. This durable sandstone can be effortlessly dressed and chiseled, hence considered suitable for roofing, wall cladding, flooring, paneling and paving.
Regatta Universal Exports, a leading manufacturer and exporters of Dholpur Beige sandstone in India, offers this sandstone in finishes like natural, polished, tumbled, sandblasted and brushed. As per the customers’ requirement, this sandstone is offered in different thicknesses, sizes and shapes.

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Note: Minimum order of one container/3000 sq.ft.