Autumn Brown dry wallAutumn Brown dry wall

Dry Stone Walling and Wall Stone for Sale

Drywall stones find its application in decorating modern homes. Walls with dry stones are generally built with interlocking pieces of rocks that best fit the shape without the use of any mortar or cementing material. The rocks best hold each other owing to their natural roughness and irregular surfaces. Dry stone walls can add more beauty to the exteriors if laid with natural stones of varying colors and textures. These stone articles also act like a natural fencing around habitat incurring the wear and tear by nature.

Installing drywall stones absolutely requires no cement or no mortar. Customers just need to contact one of the leading suppliers of dry walls stones in India. The extravagant patterns laying drywall stones include stacked stone cladding, which is ideal for retaining walls, pillars, and walls near water surfaces such as swimming pools, and internal applications. Ledge stone cladding incorporates natural stones such as quartz, slate, and granite to frame the interlocking fashion in stone walls.

Regatta Universal Exports is the reliable and premium quality exporter of dry walls stones from India. The systematic packaging of the products helps customers in installing the dry walls stones easily.

Feel free to contact us with our Indian stone association regarding any of your queries related to the designs, patterns, and establishment of drywall stones in your residence. We will be more than happy to help you with this endeavor.

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Note: Minimum order of one container/3000 sq.ft.