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Indian natural stone has always been preferred internationally. The manufacturers and exporters of Indian natural stone have always provided better finishes with products. Regatta Universal Exports is one of the leading exporters of Limestone finishes from India. The company has acquired a reputation internationally due to providing premium quality products at competitive rates.

The company has come with Limestone New Finishes that enhances the quality of the products to extreme. Here are the details about the finishes provided below:

  • Natural Cleft Finish

Customers installing limestone cobbles or paving need to opt for natural cleft. Regatta offers heavy clefting on the stone products for providing a better grip on the surface.

  • Tumbled Finish

Tumbling is the process where sand, water, and mild acid are used for providing a weathered look on the surface. The Limestone New Finishes are honed and then tumbled for providing it a great look.

  • Honed Finish

This is highly a low maintenance finish preferred by the customers. The finish does provide a smooth finish, yet not glossy. This finish is highly appreciated for interior decor purposes, especially in floor tiles. The unique pattern and smooth surface deliver a classic appearance that looks traditional as well as contemporary.

  • Bush Hammered

Bush hammering finish is applied using a hydraulic bush hammer to the surface. The evenly textured surface is honed as well as hammered for developing a non-slip surface. Such surface offers great comfort and makes an ideal option for high traffic external areas.

The finishes mentioned above might sound old, but, at Regatta, these finishes have been redeveloped applying modern engineering and science.

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