Modak hand cut pallisades 50-125x12x12cmModak hand cut pallisades 50-125x12x12cm

Palisades Stone Articles

Palisades stone has been a great resource for building a fence or wall to portray old elegance and strength of ancient day castles. These days, this stone product is getting popularity for outdoor construction projects. Customers can choose to lay this landscape to the entire outer walls or confine to specific places such as pillars, fireplaces, fences, etc.

  • Size: 10-12 x 12-25 x 30-250 cm
  • Surface finish: Natural, calibrated, and sandblasted
  • Edge finish: Hand-cut and machine-cut

It adds more elegance along with warmth and comfort to the houses and brings the native touch owing to its natural texture and color. Cobber stones can also get replaced by Limestones for their versatility and durability. Along with contemporary hard stones helpful in raising these palisades stone, many accessories such as pebbles from river rock and ledge stones may also be used where applicable to bring a natural speck to your interior decors.

For more detailed illustrations of palisades and guidelines regarding the installation and maintenance, contact the renowned exporter of Palisades in India – Regatta Exports.

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Note: Minimum order of one container/3000 sq.ft.