Stone planters, urns, and vases from Indian suppliers

There cannot be a landscape planning without adequate room for plants and trees. When we speak about architectural landscape planning with a focus on pavements and art designs in our gardens, we actually speak about the different ways of beautifying your premises. Planters, Urns and Vases stone ornaments not only used as ornaments for glorifying landscape but also bring the soothing effect of colorful flowers and fruity offspring’s.

Stone Planters, Urns, and Vases ornaments are meant to beautify plants by gently holding them on their beautifully crafted arms. These Urns and Vases can be made from different elements ranging from sand and clay. The artwork is done on these vases truly exhibit enchanted beauty which adds more glory to these flowers and plants.

Planters and Urns are generally used in outdoor landscaping owing to their huge size and space occupation. They can hold bigger plants dropping creepers to glorify block steps and pavements. Naturally crafted Indian stone planters preferably from natural sandstones surely add a touch of ethnicity to the home décor. These artifacts are made available at competitive prices and offer long-lasting durability.

Vases have preferably opted for indoor decorations owing to their small and compatible nature. They need not necessarily be made from natural stones. A recent trend in modern households that is gaining great momentum is to place a flower pot at the entrance of the residence, which gives an antique touch and exhibits a non-verbal gesture of welcoming the guests.

All these and many stone articles such as Planters, Urns and Vases stone ornaments craved from Indian natural rocks can be availed from Regatta Universal Exports available at competitive prices.

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