Tropical Green Granite Monument in Belgium-style Frames Set

Belgium frames set tropical green granite monument from Regatta Exports is a light black tomb and monument stone, quarried from South Indian granite factories. This monument product is the best material for making memorials and tombs meaningful. The 20-year-old natural stone company focuses on feature-rich monumental stone products processed at modern granite processing units in India. Check out the following details of this stone:

  • Stone type – Belgium Frames Set Tropical Green Granite Monument product
  • Place of origin – India
  • Color – Tropical green
  • Shape – Belgium style
  • Dimension – 600x371cm
  • Applications – Tombs and memorials

B2B buyers can have this stone in a custom size, design, and shape as per your commercial needs.  With engraving features displayed on the surface of the tropical green granite monument, the monument is available for sale. For an instant inquiry on this Belgium-style monumental stone product, fill the form below and get your relevant query resolved in the least possible time.

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