Stepping Stones Paving Stones for outdoor

Stepping stones has a remarkable usage in clearing the pavement in gardens and pathway. Garden stepping stones are mid-sized stones with a slightly elevated surface above the ground or water source that allows crossing over with ease.

Stepping stone paving can be made from naturally occurring rocks such as sandstone or limestone that can also be prepared artificially from concrete slabs. More conventionally, slabs of wood can also be transformed into stepping pavements. Natural stepping stones will have no geometrical shapes and will be available with rough edges, but still adds aesthetic values to gardens and pavements.

Readymade concrete slabs are also available in many retail stores with custom made designs and shapes which can be installed easily in pavements. Commercially, these are available in different colors and patterns to create a visually exciting experience in the used areas. Building up stepping stones designs with wooden pavements may not be a wise idea during damp weather and rainy days, but they could be a comparatively affordable option to opt for footpaths.

Regatta Universal Exports is the leading manufacturer of stepping stones paving in India. The company manufactures and supplies stepping stones having personalized patterns crafted on the stones. To add a tinge of romance in pavements, custom made stones with love messages and symbols and patterns have hit the market recently. Other personalized patterns of pavement stones include butterfly stepping stones, sunset vista stones, river rock stepping stones made from small pebbles to glorify pool pavements, and so on.

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