Stone table tops — All you need to know about

Furniture is an important aspect in house, office, and gardens. A table top is made out of stone and we choose the best quality stone for making the table tops. The stone table tops can be placed in offices, conference halls, dinner tables, coffee tables and many more to name. We make a few amazing designs to suit every atmosphere it is placed in. Tabletops blend in easily within any type of architecture.

The table top is like a heavily rounded rectangle placed on two strong pillars as a base. The surface of the table top is not completely polished to preserve the important pattern of the stone. However, the surface is slightly smoothed to allow utensils to be kept. The circular tabletop is always known for its elegant design. The distance of separation from one another while sitting in a group makes sure everyone is a reachable distance to communicate without hassle.

Marble is very famous in India for its quality and durability. One of the wonders of the world stands on a complete marble rock. It shows how marble is a durable and famous rock. Hence, we made a tabletop in marble to cater to those marble lovers.

Tabletops are a great way to furnish and decorate your home and garden with quality stone furniture. With such a wide variety of tabletop, Regatta Universal Exports is ready to deliver the premium quality table top you are looking for. Contact us to get your favorite table top.

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