A trough is a shallow stone structure made out of various types of stone materials. These are shallow and can hold water in it. Customers can get the troughs in different attractive forms.
Troughs are made from quality stones which can be carved into various shapes. Regatta Exports is the most reliable supplier of trough stone articles in India whose stone products last long, provides high strength and durability. The composition of trough consists of various forms of natural rock. Troughs are found having different patterns and shade that suit the environment. These can be in rectangles, square, circles and many polygonal shapes.
The shallowness of trough can be chosen from the collection of Indian troughs. The available colours are brown, sunset yellow, grey and orange. The colour differs with the type of stone used to carve the trough.
Troughs are used as water holders and tanks in many residential and commercial buildings. The stones are eco-friendly and do not contaminate the water. Troughs used as water tanks having circular shape to increase the exposure of water for maximizing the surface area. By increasing the surface area, the mineral in troughs gets mixed with water giving the required nourishment to the users.
Troughs stone articles are multi-purposes and multi-functional stone products available with Regatta. Customers looking for premium quality stone articles at competitive rates, must contact the company now!

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